Tuesday , May 30 2023

Ekekuiel PALACIOS from Argentina and River Plate allegedly agree to move to Real Madrid


Ekekuiel PALACIOS River Plate, reportedly, agreed with the Real Madrid Prime Minister.

According to reports in the Spanish media, a twenty-year-old will join the Santiago SOLARI team in a January transfer window. The report cost 20 million euros. While the move has not yet released either River Plate or Real Madrid, rumors of transfer have intensified over the past several weeks.

His agent, Renato CORSI, confirmed to Marcia that the club had spoken to Madrid.

"Madrid's interest has been there for a long time since the World Cup in 17th was actually three years old.

"What we told people in Madrid is that they can buy it, but leave it on the river for six months. The boy has many options, such as playing in the Copa Libertadores against the Boca Cup and winning will see he gets a chance to go World Championship in the club.

"After all this, he would arrive in Madrid in June and stay there. If he leaves in January, he will arrive in the middle of the season and we'd rather start from the beginning of the season."

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