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EKSID's Hani and Jungwa write letters to fans after leaving Banana Culture label

"Hi, easy. This is Hani.

Promotion & # 39; ME & IOU & # 39; are over. For me, every moment was brilliant and precious. How was it for our LEGGO? I'm sure it was a valuable memory for LEGGO. To be honest, at first I was very worried about it. Regardless, we made a decision, but it is difficult to talk about our situation, position, thoughts and all the stories behind our decision.

I thought it would be too much to ask for understanding. Is our assessment of our promotional activities correct? Recent activities before the transition period … can make things difficult for someone … Is not our determination to make many precious memories selfish … Because of these thoughts, I was very careful about everything.

However, I met you through these activities. With my warm eyes, encouragement, support and honest letters, I realized that I no longer worry. You were those who trusted us and loved us just like we did. No, more than we did on our own. Thank you very much. I know that your kindness should never be taken for granted.

I know it would not be that easy, but thank you and thank you once again for having respected my choices for me and honestly I want happiness. During the seven years that we spent together, I learned how important and valuable it is for one's life to exchange love with others. I laughed and cried a lot, but because we were together, everything was fine and I was so happy as part of that "."

I got a gift from the new world. Thank you very much for notifying me of things I've never known before. All the moments I had with my members and with you have made me the way I am, and I really like it. Thank you very much for taking care of me, so that I can love myself more.

There will be many more things to happen in the future. It will never be as smooth as before. This is my first time, so there are many things I do not know. I will do my best. I will work hard to protect the "us" that we have built together. I hope you do not have too many problems. After all, we are EKSID.

As well as the name of our group "Ekceed in Dreaming", we had a lot of dreams. None of these dreams was easy. Without you all, I could not accomplish any of these dreams. Now we have another beginning and a new dream. And this dream … I want to dream with you. I'm always sorry and grateful. I love you so much.

PS. I have not made any special decisions for myself when it comes to my career or the future path. First, I'm thinking of going to the road after I finish my schedule. I think I need some time. Once I have found what I need through a trip, I will make a decision when I can make good decisions. I guess I do not have much to tell you because I have not decided anything yet. I'll be back in good health. I hope that LEGGO will always have fun. Let's be much happier.

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