Friday , August 12 2022

Fans call for the release of Lee Jong-hiun from CNBLUE after his participation in the K-pop sex scandal


Seoul: K-pop fans on Friday (March 15th) called for the release of Lee Jong-hiun from the boy CNBLUE, after the 28-year-old admitted he was involved in spreading scandals in South Korea over illegal sex videos .

"Lee Jong-hiun (he admits) deserves criticism for watching videos on KakaoTalk, scandalous women and inappropriate sex talk," his FNC Entertainment management agency said, according to Korean state media.

"Had he had the right feeling of sexual awareness, he may have not paid attention to (inappropriate sexual video), and he repents for it," the company says.

"We apologize for those who have been hurt by immoral and promiscuous conversations that he had without any guilt."

Ionhap reported that the agency also defended its earlier denial, saying it was difficult to verify the long forgotten facts. All posts were removed from Lee's social accounts on Friday.

The scandal has erupted since investigations began against BIGBANG member Seungri due to allegations of bribing sex. The local report revealed that Seungri was in a chat group in the KakaoTalk messaging application, in which video clips were exchanged.

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Singer and star variant Jung Joon-young later admitted that she secretly recorded videos with women with whom she had sex and shared them with the application.

Both singers, along with two other K-pop stars Iong Jun-hiung and Choi Jong-hoone, either withdrew from shoving or left their group in the middle of a scandal.

29-year-old Iong left the Highlight group, once known as Beast, while Choi, a 29-year-old boyfriend of the FT Island boy, announced his retirement while preparing for a police test.

"We strongly demand expulsion, not a suspension … We can not accept or buy Lee Jong-hiun's music career when most of the fandoms are made up of women …" read a joint statement issued by CNBLUE fans, according to Ionhap.

There was widespread online speculation about the identity of the victim. At least four women have issued separate statements denying them to appear in the videos.

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