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LeBron James breaks into a Netflick show at a basketball press conference


LeBron James fell apart to the end Squid Game during a basketball press conference.

The Korean-language show, which became the most successful Netflix show of all time, has taken over the world. The streaming service revealed that 111 million households have watched since the announcement on September 17.

* Large spoilers follow – you are warned *

Because of their popularity, everyone has an opinion on the conclusion of the show, which revealed the dichotomy in curating the deadly tournament on which the series is focused.

This is what leads Seong Gi-hun (Lee Jung-jae) to make a decision that some viewers have a hard time understanding: he decides to stay in Korea to replace the enigmatic team behind the games instead of reuniting with his daughter in America.

& # k002018;  Squid Game & # k002019;  became Netflix's most successful TV show (Photo courtesy of Netflix / YouTube)

‘Squid Game’ became Netflix’s most successful TV show (Photo courtesy of Netflix / YouTube)

James, who recently appeared in Space Jam: A New Legacy, was caught talking to teammate Anthony Davis about the show after the Los Angeles Lakers lost to the Golden State Warriors on Tuesday (October 12th).

“Yes, I’m done. Are you done? Did you watch? Did you do it? ”The 36-year-old athlete asked his fellow player in a video taken by Kile Goon Orange County Registry.

He continued: “Yes, I still did not like the end. I know they’re starting the second season, but, like, go on a fucking flight and go see your daughter, bro. Like you do? “

Those who have finished watching the series are now returning to another viewing – and noticing new details that tease the turn.

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