Monday , October 3 2022

Liverpool News: Jurgen Klopp is concerned about fatigue by Robert Firmino


Crvena zvezda br. 9 scored only one goal in the last nine appearances due to the fear that the Brazilian will fight for fitness

Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp insists he is not worried about Robert Firmino's format this season after suggesting that the Brazilian needs a break.

Forwards he played more matches than any other Premier League since the start of last season.

Many Klopp teams, including Firmino, were involved in a campaign that saw Liverpool to the Champions League final last season before taking part in the World Cup earlier this year.

Firmino previously described Klopp as the "engine" of his Liverpool side, but has been fighting for forming in the past weeks. Liverpool started with 1-1 with Arsenal in the Emirates stadium on Saturday, but was withdrawn after 80 minutes.

Klopp, however, says he is not worried about the 27-year-old performance and was surprised when he heard that Firmino scored only one goal in the last nine games.

"No. He's tough, sometimes better, sometimes a bit smaller, but good. That's it," Klopp told reporters before the Liverpool clash with the Champions League with Crvena Zvezda on Tuesday.

"Everything will be fine, surely if he has not scored in the last few games then … one in nine? All competitions? Did he not hit the Red Star? That was the only goal he had achieved?

"I'm not worried about things like this, it's a very important player for us, I was not very satisfied with our first half in London and he was involved in that.

"In the end everything will be fine, we know about these situations. Sometimes it clicks easier than at other times, that's all." "There is no concern."

Liverpool manager admitted that he and his staff often do not want to leave Firmino out of matches because of the important role he plays in the team.

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When he pushed for an attacker to take a break in Belgrade on Tuesday, Klopp said: "Not really, of course, it's something we think about 100%. Always, actually.

"He often leads to a decision he must continue to play. He starts or comes, sometimes it's better to get into the game later, when everyone else is a little tired, but we'll see how we deal with it."

The win for Liverpool on Tuesday would bring them closer to Group C qualifications with the second-placed PSG in Napoli on the same day.

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