Thursday , June 1 2023

PS5 versus the next Ksbok: Is the race of the next generation generals already warming up? – Beiond Episode 567



Jonathan Dornbush, host of this week's IGN's PlayStation Shov, joined Mak Scoville and Tom Marks to discuss the recent trend in Microsoft's acquisition of studies, and what this potentially means for the exclusive space of the next model .

Then, producer Barrett Courtnei, much to Jonathan's grief, joins the introduction of some of the latest news from Soni's company, including the upcoming DLC ​​for Spider-Man, PUBG coming to PS4 and more. Posada also offers his thoughts on this week's edition, including Spiro Reignited Trilogy – Jonathon's review is now live! – Fallout 76 beta impressions and Tetris Effect.


  • Intro – 00:00
  • PS5 vs. NektBok Ekclusives – 1:08
  • Things to do first in Fallout 76 – 19:46
  • The new PS4 Pro model – 23:23
  • PUBG on PS4 – 28:50
  • Spidey's Nekt DLC – 36:43
  • The prizes to be awarded for games – 42:06
  • Spiro reignited impressions – 44:52
  • Barrett is a shell man for Fallout 76 – 55:09
  • Only cool kids play the Tetris effect – 1:01:19
  • The Royal Heart of the Minute – 1:10:39
  • Closing time – 1:13:14

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Jonathon is IGN Editor, PlaiStation Lead and Beiond! host. Talk to him on Twitter @ jmdornbush.

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