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Scientists have called five factors of longevity


Learning to name the dolgeletia factor

Number one enemy can be considered as any meat product.

There are examples of the ability of the body to overcome an average grade of 70-80 years old, but they are an exception instead of a rule. However, scientists have formulated five longevity laws that are discovered in the article.

Quitting smoking!

The first smokers are in danger. Life under unfavorable environmental conditions, the poison itself is also extraordinarily unusual. Perhaps somebody might remember several examples of still alive prabaka successful smokes package received nine nine years, can not be considered law, but funny coincidence.

Tobacco causes irreparable damage to the body. Here is just a small list of offenses against whom, which is often a result of smoking:


Heart attack.

Diseases of the respiratory system.


A stomach ulcer.

Disturbances of the organs of vision.


Nervous system.

It is necessary to understand: Smoking is harmful!

Yes, it sounds wicked, prosperous, but why is the extra appetite, when it's true. You want to live longer for those aged 12-14, immediately descend and never touch the "death rods".

Normal weight

Statistics constantly insist on increasing the number of other people who suffer from overweight. This is not surprising in the light of the popularization of fast food, all kinds of sweets. But the lack of weight is dangerous for people, reducing the chances of longevity.

150 years ago, Adolphe Kuetelet received a formula for determining the body mass index, which has been used to date for the establishment of norms. According to her, the body mass index should be kept at the level of 18-25 units, then it can be considered normal. The deviation on the smaller side speaks of the mass of the error in the big one – surplus.

The amount of food intake is not the only factor that determines the weight of a person, but it is influenced by the following points:

Hose Length.

Wide bone. Yes, but its effect is negligible.

Muscle mass.

These details can distort the BMI, but in the general healthy range it should remain approximately in the blossom.

Exercise regularly

Regular physical activity helps maintain tons of all body systems. Even the gastrointestinal tract will become balanced, if every day you give your body some exercise.

Take your time to go to the gym or hire a personal trainer. Physical activity can be simple and accessible to everyone. Make daily walks, run, play outdoor games, such as football or tennis.

Only 30 minutes a day and your body will be ready to age by the centenary.

Drink moderately

Do not rush to close the article, read it all the way. To completely renounce alcohol, not necessarily, because even many scientists are solid in the opinion that a glass of dry red wine with dinner, a major impact on the cardiovascular system.

Permitted alcohol standard for a week – 140 g of pure alcohol. Those who abuse this norm would never see their great-grandchildren. Alcohol in large quantities, in addition to obvious harmful effects on digestion, extremely aggressive to the nervous system. Under the influence of alcohol, it kills brain cells, disturbed neuronal connections, and the central nervous system begins to fall. There are cases of obfuscation in the background of systemic drowsiness, not to mention possible diseases of the blood vessels with subsequent formation of blood clots, poor circulation in the extremities.

Balance products

"You are what you eat!" This phrase is as old as the world, but also relevant. Food is a very important factor and it does not treat it indifferently. A proper diet can sustain the body for a long time, while the wrong culture of eating can cause serious damage, reducing precious years.

Many nutritionists say that the diet would be considered rich and balanced that it should spend at least 28 articles a week. This is not a group (meat, cereals, vegetables, fruits) and a product (apples, chicken, buckwheat, etc.). Particularly positive effect of feeding the following products:

Cereals.Crops.Nuts, seeds.Vegetables, fruits.Fish, seafood.

Number one enemy can be considered as any meat product. This includes sausages, salami, hamburgers, factories, other derivatives suspected of containing meat.

Deciding to become in the right way, it is not necessary to drastically change the usual way of life. Begin with the gradual introduction of vegetables and fruits, refrain from fast food, leaving it gradually. Add to daily hiking, learn how to solve problems in return. Keep the report to yourself and do not forget to be honest.

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