Wednesday , February 8 2023

Singapore reports 8 more deaths from Covid-19, 3,345 new infections, Health News and Best Stories


SINGAPORE – The Singapore death toll from Covid -19 has risen to 215 after eight more people, aged between 61 and 89, died from virus-related complications, the health ministry (MOH) announced on Friday (October 15th).

Seven men and one woman – all Singaporeans. Three were vaccinated and five were not vaccinated.

All but one unvaccinated case had basic health conditions, the MOH said in its daily update, without giving further details.

Of those who died from such complications in the past 28 days, 26.6 percent were fully vaccinated, and the rest were unvaccinated or partially vaccinated.

Friday was the 26th day in a row that Covid-19 deaths have been reported.

There were a total of 3,445 new Covid-19 infections, the MZ said, including 2,823 new cases in the community, 620 in migrant dormitories and two imported cases.

Local cases involved 572 people over the age of 60.

Among the large groups closely monitored by the ministry, three had new cases.

Eleven new cases were added to the Econ Medicare Center and the Home for the Elderly in Buangkok, bringing the cluster size to 55. Of these, 54 were wards and one was a staff member.

The United Medicare Center in Toa Paiohu recorded five new cases, bringing the total to 118. This includes 102 users, 15 employees and one household member.

Three new cases were added to the Acacia Home, increasing the size of the cluster to 14. Of these, 12 were tenants and two were staff.

The total number of cases in Singapore is now 141,772.

On Friday, 16,513 patients were on home recovery, 2,951 in community care facilities, 804 in Covid-19 treatment facilities. There were 1,593 patients in the hospital, 82 more than on Thursday.

A total of 322 patients require oxygen support, of which 48 are in the intensive care unit.

So far, 84 percent of the population has been fully vaccinated, and 85 percent have received at least one dose.

A total of 525,212 individuals received additional injections, and another 110,000 booked their appointments.

Read the complete press release of the Ministry of Health here.

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