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The Chinese built the largest radio telescope


The Chinese have built a larger radio telescope

The size of the reflector object is within 500 meters.

In 2016, he commissioned the largest radio telescope in the world with the full openings in the Chinese province of Guizhou – FAST. Its construction cost $ 180 million.

The size of the object of the reflector exceeds 500 meters, and the surface is about 30 football fields. Looking at FAST pulsars, interstellar gas explores and analyzes objects at the time of reionization (a period of 550 million years to 800 million years after the Big Bang). The radio telescope operates in the test mode, but found 53 stars – a pulse. Its full launch has been scheduled for the first half of 2019.

These plans can be interrupted. The research facility was a non-technical problem, writes "South China Morning Post". FAST is not able to hire experts, who will analyze the data.

The radio telescope is located in the mountainous area of ​​the southwest of China, where scientists are not ready to move. Around him is a little village. At the same time, it launched FAST from the zone five kilometers around the other and drained about 9,000 local residents.

The recruitment plan for about twenty research staff, the administration object has not yet been met. In an interview with the local press, the FAST director said that the facility now employs only 20 scientists, half of the required composition.

According to published inquiries from applicants, fluency in English is required and the willingness to live and work in remote areas for a long time. They offer about 100,000 yuan ($ 14,000) a year. This is a contract work, not a permanent job.

FAST also looks for a leading scientist in 2017 to guide the operation of the telescope. Call foreign experts for cooperation, offering a $ 1.2 million bonus in research funds.

Salaries, according to the National Astronomical Observers of China, equal rates for similar positions in Western countries. In addition, the holder of this position will receive various bonuses such as free accommodation. But, even though this recruitment is not successful.

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