Friday , June 2 2023

The doctors said that sick children save the game in fresh air


The doctors told us about the diseases that children were able to save in the fresh airAt first glance, this relationship is not quite clear.

Experts say that if children spend more time on the street, they will reduce the risk of developing myopia.

Clarity or myopia is becoming an increasingly common problem in the world. By 2050, this disorder will endanger some 5 billion people. In China, where more than 90% of young people are short-sighted, this is considered a kind of epidemic. But as long as owners suggest that genetic damage to the poor vision, genetics can not answer for that reason. Scientists say people underestimate the environmental impact of the vision, including fresh air.

All major experts say that children must play outside, in order to prevent the risk of developing myopia. One study showed that, if a mother and a father of an untamed child suffers from a myopia and do not spend enough time on the street, the threat of transmission genetically increases to 60%. The study has noted several major factors affecting the development of the myopia: the use of technical devices from early years, births, locations.

So, people born twice a year are twice as likely to show signs of a myopia because they start early to go to school. And those who spend more time walking and finding themselves under natural sunlight, are less likely to develop the myopia of the disease.

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