Tuesday , May 30 2023

The family awaited his return to celebrate the birthday of her sister, the Singapore News and top stories


His family was waiting to return home from the camp last Saturday to celebrate the birth of his other sister.

But the tragedy hit that day when Kaplar First Class (CFC) Liu Kai, 22, lost his life in training.

The national full-time employee died after the vehicle ended Bionik crossed into a Land Rover that drove as part of the Jalan Murai training course.

Talking mainly to Mandarin in the media at CFC Liu at Block 787D Voodlands Crescent yesterday afternoon, his second sister, who refused to be named, says her brother was very close to her family.

"November 3 was my birthday, but it also happened the day he died. We always celebrated together, he really loved his family," she said.

Father CFC Liu, who also refused to be named, said the news was difficult to accept because CFC Liu was his only son. "But it was his duty to serve the national service," he added.

Duo shared it after he finished the NS, CFC Liu planned to go to university and become a job as an engineer.

According to his second sister, CFC parents Liu and two older sisters have applied to become Singaporeans. The family has lived here for more than a decade. They moved from China to Singapore when three brothers were in elementary school.

His father said he was "the son of a sinner." "When his mother in April of this year had a thyroid gland, he was well looked after her, had close relationships and told her everything."

CFC Liu was also an active member of the Baptist Church of Truth, where he attended weeks, said his sister. "He planned to travel to northern Thailand for the mission's work in December and asked me for his passport."

CFC Liu's father and sister said that CFC Liu was a working and imaginative person who was kind to others.

"He often studied until late into the night and helped his schoolmates to help with the revision," said his sister. "He was generous and participated in events such as charity races. When his friends needed help, he would encourage them to stay positive."

CFC Liu, who was hired in April this year, was also determined and motivated during the training. His peers liked him and they saw it as a good example, they added.

His father said: "He was proud of what the NS worked. He happily served and asked us to go to his parade to paint with him."

Sister CFC Liu refused to comment on the investigations by the Ministry of Defense because they are still in progress, but said she "believes Mindef will give us justice".

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