Thursday , September 29 2022

The researchers explained low piglets


Learning to overshadow the low pigmeasAccording to researchers, small growth and short steps are an evolutionary advantage in tropical forests.

An international group of scientists has announced that it has managed to find a possible explanation for the low growth of pigmea living in the jungle. According to researchers, low growth, and therefore short steps, are an evolutionary advantage for life in tropical forests.

The reasons for low piglets have long been interested in scientists. It is assumed that a little body better releases heat or better adapts to high humidity. In a new study, the researchers proposed a new hypothesis and carried out a number of testing experiments.

The researchers suggested that people move more easily around the jungle than people with higher growth. To test the hypothesis, the researchers constructed models that simulated the movement of people of varying heights through the jungle, and then they watched that real people are high and pigmeans pass through the jungles of Malaysia and Bolivia.

The result was that the low pigmails were better in the jungle than the high people. The researchers found that shorter steps allow piglets to go through dense underpasses faster.

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