Thursday , June 1 2023

VATCH: American soldiers sing praises on MRE fields from Singapore


Polish meals ready for meal (MRE) are generally considered unfavorable. They are corn, sparkling and more often than not, they look like mere ones – something we imagine is not contrary to the part of the digested food that the parental birds regurgitate in the mouth.


But that's what it is, and MREs are indispensable, hearty, long-lasting, fast-food rings that can be easily distributed and stored – priceless things during war operations and disaster operations. In addition, the winners of these days are in fact improved in quality from the devoid of poppies rushed by soldiers. The MRE eating today's soldiers vary in taste and are even suitable for local palaces, including meals consisting of Nonia Curry, Sambala Chicken, Rice Glutenos and Sushi Chicken Noodles.

But do not take it from us, take it from people in the United States armed forces who really loved Singapore meals. Of course, it's possible that they are only kind to the camera, but their smiles look real enough.

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