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Court with Eksiker Kosik: he received a new sentence


According to him, he was a member of the five-member commandos, who Michal Kovac kidnapped in 1995 in Austria. However, the sentence was rendered in a completely different case.

In 2015, he was sentenced for breaching his bribe for 14 years, but before he went to justice, he went to Mali where he was detained and then sat in the base. Due to non-payment of a fine in the amount of 100,000 euros, the court is now sentenced in absentia for another four years. Dokopi was sentenced to 18 years. The Special Criminal Court (PBS) in Pezinok has ruled to replace the penalties imposed on Lubos Kosik, who was legally sentenced for breaking accounts worth almost two and a half million euros.

From the bass in Africa Open the gallery

"The court ordered convicted Ing. Ž. K. Exercise a four-year prison sentence imposed by the STS in 2015. Court sentenced by a convicted institution to impose a maximum sentence of imprisonment " said court spokeswoman Katarina Kudjakova. Kosic's lawyer Martin Kanas opposed the verdict.

"After consulting with the client, I have instructions from him to file a complaint in case of such a decision. I handed it over, we are waiting for the explanation of the decision and we will take it to the client " Kanas said that he wanted to personally bring Kosik to court, but he could not, because he was still imprisoned in Mali.

They were detained in November 2016 when they issued a European arrest warrant. "Our ministry communicates with them, I write my demands. There was no answer from Mali. Now, on Saturday, he was two years old and was the same as he did. He is still detained, not even released, nor free " a lawyer who is in contact with Kosica in a phone call. He regretted that a poor health condition and health condition in Africa was bad.

Kosik, however, wants to come to Slovakia and in case of kidnapping Michal Kovač, a younger man who earlier said that he was led by the then head of the SIS Ivan Lek. "He wants to say, he told me. In all matters, " said Canas.

How the time passed

1995 – As a member of the SIS command, Kosik participated in the kidnapping of Michal Kovaca younger.

2011 – Kosik falsified accounts worth 2.4 million euros.

2015 – A special criminal court has sentenced him to forgery and sentenced to 14 years in prison and a fine of 100,000 euros.

August 2016 – Kosik went to the court of justice in Mali and issued a European arrest warrant.

November 2016 – They kept him in Mali and sent him to the bass.

January 2018 – He reports from prison that he wants to testify about the kidnapping ordered by the then head of the SIS, Ivan Lek.

November 2018 – The STS extended the sentence for not paying a fine of 4 years in absentia. His defense lawyer filed a complaint against him.

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