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Crackdovn 3 can come in the form of two titles – Xboxer


Crackdovn 3 Vrecking Zone
Microsoft has already started to pre-order for Crackdown 3, and it seems the game will consist of two separate titles from the Xbox Store offer.

Crackdovn 3 is pre-ordered as a package consisting of two separate components. It's the first one Crackdown 3: Campaign And as the title suggests, it will be a way to talk to Nevada Providence to enjoy yourself or together with a friend, as the game supports co-op for two players. As for the story itself, agents will fight organized crime. However, in the distant future, unions have taken all the energy and concentrated on the only city that goes through crime.

Crackdovn 3
Crackdovn 3

Developer: Microsoft Studios

Price: 69.99 €

The second item in the package is Crackdovn 3: Vrecking Zone. It is a multiplier way to use Azure and Xbox Live Cloud services to calculate extreme physical destruction and transfer it to different hardware, whether they are Xbox One, Xbox One, or Windows 10, regardless of performance. The devastating 5v5 multiplier offers two cards on release. It also offers several ways, with the demonstration of the Hunter mode available on Xbox FanFest.

However, Crackdovn 3 supports Xbox Plays Anivhere and will be available on Xbox Game Pass on the day of release. At the same time, a new release date was published, and so far we have become accustomed to delays, and now we expect an earthquake. Crackdovn 3 is released on February 15, 2019 at Xbox One and Windows 10.

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