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Geisberg went to the hospital: Life fought for almost 10 days


In the art world, there was another undefined hole! On Saturday night, everyone was shocked by an unexpected message when another Slovakian actor grew up! A loving artist with a big heart, an unforgettable voice and endless humor – Marian Geisberg († 64) has always stayed good.

According to New Times, the actor has signed a large actor's lung cancer, which he is trying to do with all kinds of things, and especially to fight it all the way. However, his fate could not be reversed, and finally his path to this world ended in a hospital in Ruznov, where he finally died out. On Saturday night, the art world had another heavy blow when the old guardian, actor Marian Geisberg, left him forever.

A shocking report was announced by the management of the Slovak National Theater, which was the domestic cultural stand of the famous actor. As we learned from the hospital spokeswoman Eva Kliska, Geisberg spent the last day of his life at a hospital in which he fought for his life. "Yes, that is true. Mr. Geisberg was hospitalized for several days at a hospital in Ruzinov, where he finally died" Kliska confirmed.

The fate of the hero made a very boring time when he had to face serious health problems for a long time. After a heart attack came a big wound when three months ago he heard an unpleasant diagnosis from a doctor. "He began to intensively walk to the hospital in September when he started the theater season and learned that he had cancer just a few moments earlier" We are entrusted with our second Frantisek Kovar. The theater family was aware of the fact that the actor was always optimistic in difficult times.

"I knew he had cancer and had a third of his lungs." From his colleagues from the theater who played with him, I even found out that he had difficulty breathing " Milan Lasica told us. Despite the hardships and pains the actor has lately felt, he never knew anything and even lived exactly the same way that everyone remembered him. Not only in the theater, but also on television, he still laughed and his humorous humor was deployed from all sides.

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That's why Lasica and other colleagues will never forget. Until recently, Geisberg worked normally, and he also testified to his desire to live and fight on the last breath. However, as we managed to find out, a few days ago there was a shocking break that no one expected. "About a week or ten days, the situation has deteriorated considerably," added Lasica, extremely sadly from the whole situation.

He enjoyed the room

Marian always kept privacy and liked to enjoy her room in the nearest circle. He freed himself in the village of Vlkovec near Trnava, where he lived. But the house cried the day after his death. It is possible that the families meet in difficult moments, and for their beloved father, husband and old father, they hid themselves together in an unknown place.

Geishberg was married for a long time with his wife, Anieve, with whom he had two sons. They are the same as their father is dedicated to the artistic profession, Martin Geisberg is a playwright and musician, Marek Geisberg is a musician and actor. The new time turned to the family with questions, but she did not answer that. His son, Martin, however, published in his Internet profile an interesting song The Lock of All Doors, which he made with his father several years ago.

Marian Geisberg

The actor was an artist and a soul. Not only did he perform, he was also a writer of poems, writer and humorist. He grew up in Mijava, and in 1979 he graduated from the VŠMU in Bratislava. He first worked at the Jonas Zaborsky Theater in Prešovo, then in the SNP Theater in Martín and in 1988 at the Trnava Theater for Children and Youth.

From 1992 until his death he was a member of the Slovak National Theater. On his part, Ana and his two sons, Martin and Marek, have been living for many years, not only in appearance but also in talent. Together they even prepared a series of concerts in Slovakia, where all three Geisbergs were presented together.

The famous actor was not only a theater actor, but he showed his talent in many not only Slovak but also in Czech films. His face is also known from the Joyo dictionary, in which he always has He had a good mood along with his colleagues and entertained the nation with his own and witty comments on current events in our country.

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