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He wrote about Elan, Hečkovec, Rob Grigorova … and now he is celebrating (advice)


Stuntman from Elan. Roamers in underpants, Street and Sunflover Thief. But Robo Grigorov and his Zuvačka za uchu, or the Italian musical of brothers and sisters Julie and Petar Hečkovec.

Čuboš Zeman also wrote the text for a mega hit in the Slovakian dollars in the Karol Duchon submissions.

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Čuboš Zeman is now based on the book Little Silent Joi, in which you will find a selection of his poetry and lyrics. You can find all the texts that are mentioned here, as well as the Art of Living, Unpaid, Missing Angels, Perfume Girls, I have three hundred months, or Three Quarters in the Fall.
"If I did not, I would not write anything." says Z. Zeeman and accurately describes his work. Perhaps that also influenced the legends of our acting. He enjoyed listening to Karol Machat, Viliam Zaborsky, Ladislav Chudik and perceived a song that got a different dimension by reciting them. He was later able to make verses and rhymes available to ordinary people who walked poetry very carefully and incredibly.

"Zeman's verses are a mental stripper and reflect his positive relationship with people and his responsibility for the fate of this world … The author ripened like wine and it's time for a late harvest of the most beautiful varieties of his vineyard. It's full of magical creativity, reveals phrases, beautiful Roman grafts and Markezian's paintings, " writes Luboš Jurik, who writes in the book Little Silent Joy.

All in all, a reunion. Zeman has written nearly 500 lyrics and many are still playing on the radio. He also wrote for your Patejdl, Meki Zibirk, Jan Kocianov, Czech and Vera Špinarova and Karel Gott
He won 9 Bratislava Liras and won the prize at the World Yamaha Festival in Japan for two hearts. But the greatest gratitude for that in the soul of a very modest person may be that of his text In the Slovak valleys in the submission of the great Karol Duchon, he was already miserable.

Zeman's second face of an intellectual who seeks the true value of life, often contradicting conformism, is also a lot of fragile lyrical and sincerity. And that's what we value today. " She is an excellent author of children's books and editor Natasha Ovurinova.

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