Sunday , April 2 2023

Innogi promises a coastal beach in Petržalka or a Slovak on the Moon. See VLB | marketing


Domogo's energy supplier Innogi in its new campaign highlights the importance of energy saving. It shows that if the Slovaks adopted the proper habits, they could walk on the Moon and in Petrzalka in Bratislava a beach with the sea could be created. The concept comes from Victor Leo Burnette.

Innogi says he does not want to focus on short-term benefits in his campaign and not to transfer his money through savings at the end of the year. She stresses that energy savings can affect societies in the long run.

"Through our campaign we are trying to show that every small change in our approach to managing households and products ultimately has enormous savings and environmental impact," explains Beagle Kull, head of marketing communications at Innogi Slovakia.

As a result, on the beaches in Petrzalka, as well as sending the first Slovak rocket to the Moon, which is based on two television spots.

Although these situations are high, the data are real. "The head of energy savings can have a flow of less than 9 liters per minute compared to a normal shower. With an average four-minute shower time, the Slovakian would save 36 liters of water per day, 13,140 liters a year, and we could save more than 70 million cubic meters per year. In a few years, there is really more water, "Innogi explains.

"However, it is more in the eyes to count on individual savings of several hundred euros annually on cumulative energy or water savings. Over the years, there are huge amounts of money that really make a difference in TV spots," Innogi explains.

The campaign from the Victor Leo Burnett workshop began at the end of August – in two waves, except for TV and online. The first wave communicates with the economical shower head, and in the second wave it focuses on the control of zonal heating.

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