Thursday , June 1 2023

Microsoft and Skuare Enik collaborated on improving Final Fantasy KSIII – Ksboker cutscene


Final Fantasy XIII
Compatibility with the past has been expanded over the past few days with the Final Fantasy KSIII trilogy, which has also been upgraded to Xbox One with the previously published Civilization: Revolution.

However, for the Final Fantasy series, it was not just the usual increase in the resolution we saw with earlier enhanced titles from the Xbox 360. In fact, Microsoft confirmed what was speculating at the time of the first Forza Horizon. While in other games there was a simple increase in resolution, Horizone also improved the quality of the font and GUI, which is also displayed in 4K.

Developer Jason Ronald via Twitter confirmed that thanks to close collaboration with Skuara Enik, Microsoft has access to sketch data that has been enhanced and included in the modified version of the game. The result is what many players have noticed. This scenario in Final Fantasy KSIII, KSIII-2 and Lightning Returns is much larger.

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