Monday , March 20 2023

ONLINE Another part of the vaccination lottery has begun: All winners have won


Our ONLINE with the vaccination lottery is over. Thank you for following us.

22:00 – The moderators thank you for the vaccination and thus contribute to the collective immunity. In the end, the AIA group sang.

21:58 – The phone rang in Lucenac and Mrs. Regina answered and said the correct password for help and won 101,000 euros. Her sister is also happy with her. And the whole family is here and they are looking forward to it.

21:55 – Ingrid Nagi draws from the last window and pulls Regina out of Lucenec.

ONLINE Another part has begun

Source: Reprofoto RTVS

21:50 – The last guest of epidemiologist Ingrid Nagiova from Dunajska Streda is coming and the motto is help.

21:48 – We’re on the phone. Ms. Anna picked up the phone at the last second as she was watching another crime channel. She managed to do it. She also said the password at the time when the deadline expired. In the end, they recognized that and received 101,000 euros.

21:46 – Pavlikova draws the winner. The winner is Anna from Košice-North.

21:41 The story of Antoine from Belgium, who works as a community worker in Košice Lunik IKS. They have activities and clubs with children from Lunik. The community center was closed during the closing. They worked with only a small number of children. They explained why they should be vaccinated. Community workers have been vaccinated.

21:38 – Actress Eva Pavlikova arrives with a slogan nursing. It talks about the difficult position of people in culture, as it is when they have a sold-out show and close everything at once.

ONLINE Another part has begun

Source: Reprofoto RTVS


21:33 – The band AIA is coming with the song Little Prince.

21:31 – He is happy with his wife Son and will use them for early mortgage repayment and for a vacation in the Tatras.

21:30 – Mr. Lukas picked up the phone and said the correct password. And won 101,000 euros.

21:28 – He drew Lukas from Bratislava-Petržalka.

21:26 – Štefan Skrucany draws the third winner.

21:21 – The second story is about Mr. Ante from Nitra, who talks about the difficult course of COVID-19.

21:20 – He enjoys the role of a father, he is completely vaccinated and witty that he would be drawn vividly.

21:19 – The next password is laughter.

21:17 – The third guest is coming to draw – Štefan Skrucany.

ONLINE Another part has begun

Source: Reprofoto RTVS

21:15 – Mrs. Danka picked up the phone and said the correct password for the traffic light and won 101,000 euros. Her reaction was wow, she is fast and she has a great feeling. She is at home with her son.

21:13 – There are 2,700,000 cards in the game, Pavol Gašpar pulled Danka out of Stropkovo.

21:12 – Commentator Pavol Gaspar draws another winner, who has the opportunity to win a prize of 101,000 euros.

21:10 – Dominic would like to be a doctor and help people.

21:08 – Dominik suffers from PIMS syndrome, his mother and Dominik describe the course of his covid infection 19.

21:06 – The next turnaround is with the boy Dominic.

21:04 – The next password is traffic lights.

21:02 – The first ambassador from central Slovakia, sports commentator Pavol Gašpar, is coming.

20:57 – Band Aia comes with the first song.

20:55 – A year after the infection, he had to learn to speak and sharpen his memory, he can be vaccinated several times, he still has no sense of smell.

ONLINE Another part has begun

Source: Reprofoto RTVS

20:54 The first turnaround is with actor and entertainer Sava Popovic, who beat COVID 19.

20:53 – Mr. Paul’s voice trembles with surprise and he still doesn’t believe it.

ONLINE Another part has begun

Source: Reprofoto RTVS

20:52 – Mr. Pavol won EUR 301,000. His wife Lubica is sitting next to him.

20:48 It was drawn by Mr. Pavel from Partizanska Lupče.

20:45 Fate ends and Boris draws, € 301,000 is at stake.

20:44 – AIA singer Boris Letrich arrives with a slogan adventure.

ONLINE Another part has begun

Source: Reprofoto RTVS

20:43 – Last week, 20,366 inhabitants were vaccinated with the first dose in our country.

20:42 – Austria has exceeded 60% of vaccination, we are significantly behind in V4.

20:41 – Moderators recapitulate the situation with vaccination in Slovakia. 43.8% were fully vaccinated.

ONLINE Another part has begun

Source: Reprofoto RTVS

20:39 – It’s the tenth lottery installment.

20:38 – In the beginning, someone can win 300,000 euros in the beginning.

20:36 – Moderators Vera Visterova and Marcel Forgač greeted those present at the next part of the vaccination lottery. Being healthy is a victory.

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