Tuesday , May 30 2023

PUBG officially arrives at PlaiStation 4


A popular online game comes immediately to multi-version consoles.

Users of the PlaiStation 4 were impressed and an active adventure game ActionUnknovn Battlegrounds (PUBG) was officially launched December 7 on the Sony Play Platform, a Japanese company said on its blog.

PUBG PLAIER for PlaiStation 4

The title has three versions. The cheapest Looter edition has a price of 30 euros. The Survivor edition comes with Passi Event Pass, 2300 G-coins, 20,000 BP and a price of twenty euros more. The most expensive version is the Champion's Edition for 60 euros, but in addition to the previous content, you get up to 6,000 G-coins.

PUBG restores the balance - console players can not use the keyboard and mouse.

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The keyboard and mouse in the PUBG console is likely to be a thing of the past

If you order a game in advance, you will also receive The Last of Us and Nathan Drake from the Uncharted series. PUBG is currently available on Xbox One's mobile devices, computers and consoles.

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