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Romantic under the stars: In Mihalovcu you can experience the living planetarium what is it about?


The wonderful experience will be taken care of. You can experience very nice and interesting moments in Michalovce. Read more …

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Under Hradkom in Michalovce will be a nice and interesting event.
This is a special evening observation called Living Planetarium. that
will be held this Friday at the Michigan Observatory.

On the balcony

This interesting event was prepared for the visitors of the Observatory
Michalovce. A special kind of evening viewing for the public
A live planetarium can live on January 25th, or from 17.30.

For those who are interested, this will also be an interesting experience. You're just gonna laugh
enjoy the evening sky. You will be able to see it on the terrace for free
interpretation of the consonant and mythology related to it.

Limited number

The capacity for the event is limited by the number of deck chairs on the terrace where it will be
observing, so it's necessary to apply for this observation
in advance and until the day of the procedure on the phone 056/644 32 60 or by email info

"In case of unfavorable weather conditions, it will be replaced
program in lecture room, "
Hvezdaren said
Michalovce. Admission is the same as for normal observation: adults 2 €,
Children 1 €.

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On Friday you can watch the stars and watch the video today
in connection with the complete eclipse of the Moon, which is only recently and that day
21. 1. 2019.

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