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Samsung already has its first flexible mobile phone, but it will not sell


Following the practically unknown Chinese manufacturer Roiole and his FlekPai, another smartphone comes to the market. This time, however, with the renowned logo of the manufacturer, which was only a few days. At the Samsung Developer Conference, the manufacturer presented the expected model with a flexible body.

SeeRoiole FlekPai – the first flexible smartphone that you can buy

However, the newspaper from Samsung is not real. It is a concept that uses the so-called "Infiniti Flek Displai." This is a brand new type of screen made of flexible layers.

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Unfortunately, unlike Rojola, Samsung did not say anything about the new smartphone. From what the manufacturer has shown it is clear that the screen is not yet installed on any serial smartphone. Justin Denison, marketing for SVP mobile products Samsunug showed only a box with a small front display and an Intinic Flek Display inside. It should have 7.8 ".

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Since the display will be almost squares, applications will not be displayed on the entire desktop, but in addition to one for a lot of multitasking. But for developers, Samsung has prepared a complete documentation for the ability to develop applications for a new type of display.

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This smartphone will re-run on the latest Android with the new One UI, which Samsung also introduced during the introductory lecture on SDC 2018. One UI interface will be much easier, several items will be larger and focused on users.

The switching display after the new will also support Google and its Android OS.

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And now it will begin … Thanks to Samsung and LG, which also works on a fully flexible display, this type of display is expanding and competing manufacturers will begin to produce fully flexible smartphones. I recently wrote that the resolution on the smartphone screen is not a future. This is the future, respectively. scrolling the display.

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