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Stan Lee and his best scenes


He has more comics than any actor.

On Monday, November 12th, all lovers of superhero comics and films hit a sad message – at the age of 95, we have left the legendary creator of the comics of Stan Lee for ever.

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In Marvel Comics, he went to several positions, acting as an associate, editor-in-chief and publisher. Spider-Man, Hulk, Fantastic Four, Doctor Strange and X-men gave a comic world.

Stan Lee, starting with the first X-Men film, released in 2000, appeared in several comics in the film as well as every actor. These are his best movie clips.

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10. X-men: Apocalypse (2016)

Stan Lee appeared here as an ordinary mortal who, together with his wife, looks at the destruction of the world.

9. Doctor Strange (2016)

The shooter moves here as a traveler on a bus reading a book and does not even know the surrounding world.

8. Ant-Man (2015)

When Luis Scott, with his endless story at the end of the film, talks about how someone needs a superhero that can be reduced, Stan Lee appears in this story as a bartender.

7. Captain America: Winter Soldier (2014)

In another film about the captain, Stan had a role as a negative guard at the museum.

6. Black Panther (2018)

Stan Lee will appear here at the casino scene where he will win the T & # 39; Call at the table.

5. Captain America: Civil War (2016)

In this crossing of the Marilyn, Stan played the role of a courier who delivered the package to Tony Stark and wisely understood his name.

4. Thor: Ragnarok (2017)

Do you still remember who in the last film Thora cut the main hero? It was just Stan Lee.

3. Amazing Spider-Man (2012)

Once again, the tent appeared as an ordinary mortal who makes his own while the world around him does not burst into pieces.

2. Guardians of the galaxy vol. 2 (2017)

In the second part of the Guardian of the Galaxy, Stan is one of the Vatchers, which is interrupted by Rocket Raccon, Iond and Kraglin, who only fly around.

1. Avengers: Infiniti Var (2018)

Have not you seen a ship in space yet?

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