Thursday , June 1 2023

The BMV brand also improves electromobility in urban public transport


The BMV brand also goes to the next area of ​​driving technology without local emissions in sustainable urban public transport. The electric motors and high voltage batteries developed for BMV i3 are powered by a city bus that produces the famous Turkish brand Karsan especially for urban transport. BMV Group and Karsan signed a contract for the delivery of engines and batteries for a clean electric model. For the domestic market and for foreign buyers it is produced in the Turkish city of Bursa. This cooperation reflects the interest of BMV to provide incentives and promote urban mobility for better sustainability. Both Kawasaki electric motors and high voltage batteries, which are used in the Karsan Jest electric appliance, make transportation more comfortable and emission free.

Mass transport is another area in which BMV technology can contribute to better sustainability. For example, since last year, BMV brand also provided energy storage technology for local free mobility. The buyer was Streetscooter GmbH, wholly-owned subsidiary of Deutsche Post. Modules The BMV battery also allows scooter scooters to deliver sheets and packages throughout the day without the need for continuous charging. High-voltage batteries developed for BMV i3 deliver energy for sustainable mobility and water. An example is a project launched in 2017. Torkeedo, a global leader in marine engines, uses batteries as an energy source for their engines. BMV high-voltage batteries also serve as stationary storage facilities for renewable energy sources, such as wind farms and solar power plants. "Our industrial customers appreciate the ease of handling individual components, as well as their robustness and reliability, as demonstrated by more than 100,000 BMV products worldwide," says Uwe Breiteg, director of BMV Group Drive Systems for Industri Clients, who is in charge of selling drives and products for clients in the industry.

A growing interest in using cars in the BMV group or hybrid models also shows the wide and versatile possibilities of the BMV brand and its holistic approach to sustainability. The BMV brand has gained considerable experience in the development of electric motors and high voltage batteries. It also includes battery management and use, which uses many products from multiple areas of everyday life.

Electric motors and high-voltage batteries, developed independently by BMV Group, have outstanding performance and high reliability. Manufactured at the BMV plant in Dingolfing. The BMV Group Competence Center for Electromagnetism has been continuously expanding production for several years. The BMV i3 electric synchronous motor, which will be powered by Karsan Jest electric power transmission in the future, delivers 125 kV (170 hp) and a maximum torque of 250 Nm.

The energy comes from lithium-ion batteries. Their compact dimensions and low weight indicate very good usability in a wide range of products. High-voltage batteries consist of 8 modules. Each contains 12 mono cells with a capacity of 44 kVh. By combining two high-voltage batteries, the pre-serial version of the electric car Karsan Jest reaches a capacity of 88 kVh, which is enough to reach 210 kilometers. When used on planned routes, this means that a city bus can travel for 18 hours without the need for a break for charging. The compact dimensions of electric motors and high-voltage batteries bring benefits in the form of an interior space. Karsan Jest is approximately 6 meters in length, offers an electric space for 26 passengers. This is four more than the previous version with conventional combustion engines. The city bus uses low-floor technology, which will be especially appreciated by passengers with children's wheelchairs or wheelchairs.

The car manufacturer Karsan was founded in 1966. Its own development and production centers are located in the west-Turkish city of Bursa. It focuses on the production of vehicles for international car companies, as well as the development and production of its own vehicles for local and international public transport. The production portfolio includes small bathtubs, city and suburban buses, as well as buses operating on lines of the transmission line. "Working with the BMV Group enables us to examine customer requirements in the current segment, at the same time, it will help us turn into a supplier of sustainable transport solutions," explains Okan Bash, CEO of Karsan Automobil.


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