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The diagnosis from which it is frozen: Pancreatic cancer struggles more and more Slovaks


As the oncologist points out, an early diagnosis saves lives. On Thursday, November 15, we remember the World Pancreatic Cancer Day.

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Pancreatic cancer has a very bad prognosis and epidemiologists
expect that by 2030 this second diagnosis will be the second highest
mortality from oncological diseases. The biggest problem is she
non-specific symptoms, mainly nausea, loss of appetite,
fatigue leading to a late diagnosis. "Maybe it's progress
a phase that can no longer be cured by surgery, "they said on Wednesday
Slovak oncologists.

"According to statistics, Slovakia is the fourth
World ranking in the number of new cases diagnosed
pancreatic cancer in men and third place in the number of fatalities in men
with this diagnosis, "
says Patricia Kramarova
Slovak epidemiological and vaccination society. So, it is Slovakia
joined the European Cancer Platform in 2014

The key is an early diagnosis

In Slovakia, there is a growing awareness of the dangers of pancreatic cancer
Organization of patients There are no associations for cancer and citizens Europacolon
Slovakia. They are leading the World Pancreatic Cancer Day (November 15th)
campaign with a slogan "We are looking for more
Life "
. The goal is, first and foremost, to illuminate the illness and support
his early diagnosis.

"Early Diagnostics Saves Lives"

said an oncologist from the National Institute of Oncology (NIA) in Bratislava
Štefan Porsok. He approached the risk factors for pancreatic cancer
are smoking, alcoholism, chronic inflammation of the pancreas and obesity. more
chronic diseases of the biliary tract, gastric ulcer and the previous one
stomach surgery. "Most common diseases occur
We are filming about 70 years, but it happens much younger.
We also have a 40 year old patient "
says Porsok. genetically
Less than ten percent of cases of pancreatic cancer are involved.

Later symptoms

"At the end of last year, my sister noticed that I was yellow
around white. The next day I went to the doctor and after two hours I was alone
from blood and son examination a tumor was diagnosed on the pancreas "

reminds the patient Katka. Half a year he was treated with chemotherapy in July
according to the doctor, the operation was in the phase of illness
below the standard. The glare of glasses comes in later
symptoms of the disease. "Among the later symptoms
dark urine, migraine pain, venous thrombosis, or
diabetes. "
Porsok added.

NOU Jozef Dolnik, a surgeon, said surgical treatment
only every fifth patient can go. "Others have
metastasis or surgery would not prolong life or tumor
We can not technically remove it without the patient's injuries. u
We can combine surgical treatment and chemotherapy with early diagnosis
and patients survive the longest. Katka was a specific case,
where we went into surgery despite the advanced stage, because
she was young, otherwise healthy and had little children "
he explained. Katherine
the disease is currently in remission, so its symptoms have disappeared. For the main one
the reason for her to deny statistics is positive

Purple lighting

On the World Day of Pancreatic cancer on Thursday, November 15th
for the fifth time, a monument of Slovak and world monuments will be illuminated by purple
places. In Slovakia, for example, the SNP Bridge and the UFO in Bratislava, the Town Assembly of Trnava,
Andrej Bagara's Theater in Nitra, the cathedral of St. Elizabeth in Kosice, City
office and water tower in Prešov or various companies and companies.
"For a few hours, it symbolically turns in purple,
on the west terrace of Bratislava Castle "
informed Patrick
Herman, one of the founders and Ambassador Europacolon Slovakia.

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