Thursday , August 5 2021

The Traffic Directorate clarifies the circumstances of the released ship on the Danube

In the event that the pushing ship is discharged on the Danube section in Bratislava, the traffic administration shall make an explanation.

TASR informed the spokeswoman of the office of Eva Oravtsov.

She pointed out that it was a 1951 vessel, which was anchored for the 1865 kilometer kilometer. "This ship has become empty and has changed its position to reach the waterway, making it an obstacle on the waterway," she said. contacted the Slovak Water Management Company (SVP) as a navigator of the waterway with a request for assistance and a berth.

SVP spokesman Marian Bocak confirmed to TASR that the leaders of the Danube stake decided to use the Brezno tractor.

"The tractor has captured and secured the gurney until it is surely anchored," he explained, addressing the situation on Tuesday on Wednesday, perfecting the original GMP information on the social network, which was announced on Wednesday night.

The GMP reported on the case and prevention of possible damage to property or health and human lives in connection with tragic crashes that occurred in the morning of the evening in Budapest.

Two ships crashed near the Margit Bridge, with more than 30 members of a group of South Korean tourists besides the crew on a small, sighted ship. At least seven people have not survived the accident, and after 21 missing, the rescuer is still searching. Among them is a five-year-old girl and some older ones at the age of about 70 years. Seven people from the water rescued passengers by boat after an accident.

The murder of Jan Kuciak

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