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Vallo wants Trg Hviezdoslav in Bratislava without a security barrier

The city embassy approved the US embassy for six years to lease land in front of the embassy.

The goal is to keep Trg Hviezdoslav in Bratislava without a security barrier in front of the US embassy in Slovakia. Mayor of the capital, Matus Vallo, announced on Thursday that the city council approved a lease of land for six years in front of the embassy building for 481,070 euros a year.

The embassy has used parcels since 2005 as its security zone. The mayor of the Old Town and deputy Zuzana Aufricht admit that they are not thrilled with the fence, but the reality is to be accepted.

The mayor pointed out that the city has already lost 1300 euros a day for a period of two and a half years to authorize the lease of these plots in the previous mandate.

"I'm glad to continue on. I can not wait for 1300 euros to come to Bratislava every day, "said Vallo. The fact that in the past the City Council repeatedly rejected a proposal to rent an embassy, ​​it is considered a political game of the then council or group of deputies. "We lost almost 1.5 million euros and nothing has changed, the fence is still there," he said.

According to the mayor, the effort is that they do not have a security fence on Hviezdoslav's square and make the Embassy to change the address and stay in Bratislava. "We are trying to see where the Embassy will be based in six years, and significantly change the address," he said.

The oil street is falling

Vallo has confirmed that Oleykarska Street, with the new building of the Slovak National Theater, is declining as a place where the Embassy can be moved. However, he noted that the working group discussed it. In the case of a security barrier before the seat of the current embassy, ​​he pointed to the Vienna Convention, according to which the security zone is part of the embassy on the neighboring land, regardless of ownership.

The Mayor of the Old Town and Ms. Zuzana Aufrichtova, the deputy of the city, expressed satisfaction with the negotiations on the conditions of lease, which will also be of use to the city district. "That money will certainly be invested in public space," the mayor said.

Municipal deputies in Bratislava approved the lease of urban land in front of the US Embassy in Hviezdoslav's square in six years for 481,070 € per year. Of this, the embassy in the capital will pay 360 802.50 euros (75 percent), while the Embassy of the Old Town will pay 120.267,50 euros (25 percent).

"The tenant pays a rent of one euro per m2 per day for a period of six years until the date of entry into force of the lease agreement. Then the tenant pays rent from 0.03 euros to the end of the lease, "it says in the resolution. The Embassy has the right to renew the three-year lease under the same conditions, provided that it has at least two months before the expiration of the lease period a valid building permit for the construction of a new US Embassy building in Slovakia.

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