Wednesday , May 25 2022

VIDEO Xiaomi confirms: Let's bring the smartphone together in two places!


Xiaomi flip-flop smartphone
Xiaomi flip-flop smartphone

One of the Chinese co-founder of Apple has confirmed that they are engineers Xiaomi works on a new smartphone with foldable structure. However, this will not be a classic of what our mobile competitors have shown us, but something we have not yet seen.

Why? Because we will not bend branded news just for one, but only for two places. The manufacturer has thus managed to create a device that can serve as a compact phone, as well as a more dimensional tablet. His current physical form depends only on what is currently accessories user.

It only stands to confirm the development of the folding model Lil Bin, because he published it videowhere one of the last shows us prototypes. It happened on the Chinese social network Veibo, he writes engadget.

Thanks to this step, we now know what we can do from a non-traditional one Xiaomi expect. More than 90 percent hardware or design will remain without one well-known change.

But they want to start production after the fans Take their ideas. They also ask them to make a newspaper selected final name. They decide between We Dual Flek i We MIKS Flek.

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