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"As for kissing, she fell and left me"

Milan Tržan explains why he played a double game in love at home. He acknowledged that something was wrong for the show, and that's exactly the answer to the question why it was not until recently. The future for two can be promised by Irena.

Loving searches at the Zabukov farm are in the last show Love for the home He ended up with tears and accusations. But more than a reaction Eme Begulić about the decision to invite Irena to a romantic journey, they are Milan Trstenikshe surprised her words, but she disagrees. Milan: "When she said that I would stay alone, the guilt was on my side. If possible, I would give her the pictures of every woman I had, but she would look at one day, but she would see exactly if they were for me or not."

She disagrees with Emma.PHOTO: POP TV

"She let me go with her daughter, because she did not care for her baby"

Milan says that women exploit his goodness, and a series of bad experiences began a few years ago when he left the partner with whom he spent two decades. As for the mother of his children, we are entrusted with something that is not even for the creators of love love shows at home. Milan: "I regretted something. She did not just deceive me, left me with a 14-year-old because she did not care for her baby. We talked a lot about it, I wanted to stay until the kids grew up, but it did not. It was a terrible crying, and if my daughter did not stand at the time, I do not know what would have happened to her. I also financially supported it, but it never got a cent from my mom. I did not tell anyone about that, because it was difficult for me to talk about it. But if I wear them now, I'll tell them what's wrong."

Milan has entrusted us with something that is not even for broadcasters, because it was too difficult for him to talk about it at the time.PHOTO: POP TV

It's interesting that Ema has a similar experience. Her husband left her and her daughter when she was in the first grade of elementary school, leaving Emini the best friend. But similar past experiences, wounds and pain were not enough to make their acquaintance at least convert to friendship. Milan and Ema no longer have contacts. Milan: "From the beginning, I knew there would be nothing. It was not true love, it was even more powerful. Already at the beginning of the video, she told me some of those words that I then began to think about. She said, "Now you are just mine, and no one else will give you." Well, we saw it first."

Milan: "It was not true love, it was getting stronger."PHOTO: POP TV

Emma was very dependent on him

A village hero without hesitation admits that he played a "double game", he promised loyalty to one and the other elected. But why Ami? Milan: "I often did not want to talk to her, nor did I do anything, but everything was in vain. Even if I had spoken to another person, she had already invited me to the room and she told me: "Why are you talking so much with her, and you're throwing me away?" As for kissing, she fell down and destroyed me, I had no other choice, because if you are called such a strong woman, you have nothing else to do, but play it all the way."

Milan: "I had no other choice."PHOTO: POP TV

That's why he got a lot of suspicion. Milan: "I always had in mind that, if I chose it, I would probably have to play the same way as she did. I knew it immediately."He decided to try happiness with Irena. How will their love story unfold, we will see Love after the House." On POP TV every Friday at 20 o'clock and a day earlier in VOIO.

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