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Bolgar steals money at ATMs throughout Slovenia


Ljubljana police officers detained citizens of Bulgaria's freedom at ATMs across Slovenia. They seized 6,000 euros of cash and a special tool that pulled money from ATMs. "The number of such works is falling, but obviously some still know which ATMs are not adequately secured," says Rupnik of the criminal police.

The investigation was presented at a press conference Martin Rupnik, Head of the Department of Economic Crime at the Criminal Police Department of the Ljubljana Police Directorate.

Another way of "catching money" is # & # 39; is a sticky tape. In such cases, perpetrators use a glue or double-sided adhesive tape to place a slate at the ATM, which is identical to the original. At the end of a hurry, when an ATM asks the user to raise cash, this is not possible due to the installed lath. Users usually consider this a technical error at the ATM, and ATMs are leaving. During this period, perpetrators approach the ATM, remove trapped luggage bars and illegally use the money to the detriment of users at the level of the intended lifting of the user.

Rupnik said that Bulgareen was arrested last week in Ljubljana, which systematically throughout Slovenia carried out a breakdown at the ATMs of the so-called. In doing so, the perpetrators damage the door of the machine and extract cash from a special tool similar to the forks.

Especially use foreigners' cards to try to recover. "In the concrete case, they tried to collect 2,000 Euros, then the transaction was terminated, the balance on the account was not reduced .This special tool raises money through the emptiness" explains Rupnik and adds: "At the moment they try to extract money, Bankart is informed. The Medvodec police officers reacted very quickly and found them on Celovška road where they were arrested."

The perpetrators were executed in the police administrations Ljubljana, Kranj, Maribor and Celje, and the investigation was conducted by the criminal police. The suspects took away the vehicle and examined the vehicle after they received a court order for obtaining evidence.

They seized a large number of bank cards issued mainly on foreign names and the tool that was used. A total of 120 euro banknotes were seized.

Martin Rupnik of the Criminal Police warns: "Before picking up, make sure that there is a free space to pay cash."PHOTO:

The suspect was brought to the investigative judge, who ordered custody after an evening hearing, and at least four acts of great theft threaten them up to five years in prison.

Both returnees are mainly property crimes committed in Slovenia and other countries, so they informed all members of Europol that they will be able to investigate possible criminal acts of detained suspects and with them.

Illegally acquired property is relatively small, which is a special consequence of the rapid functioning of the police, which was quickly monitored and arrested by a coordinated action. Otherwise, the damage could be much higher.

According to Rupnik, the suspects had just begun to wander and were in transit."In foreign countries, this has been systematically implemented for many years," added to the Economic Crime Sector.

Method of collecting cash with sticky tape.PHOTO: Police

Examples of "catching money" in Slovenia in the last few years: 2019 – 4, 2018 – 39, 2017 – 98.

Rupnik: "At the end, there are some preventive tips for ATM users. Before picking up, make sure that the cash slot is freely available. The slot must be returned when the cash is, but if it is manipulated, this does not happen If your ATM does not issue money after withdrawal, check the balance, and if it's unchanged, you can try again. If the balance is reduced and you do not receive cash, please inform the ATM administrator and wait at the ATM, raise the money to go. If you think the ATM is manipulated, call police. "


These are the first four examples of 'money capture'. in Slovenia this year. The perpetrators of such burglars usually work on machines that are not covered by cameras and which are easier to access.

"The trend is improving because ATMs are more advanced and better equipped, but obviously some still know who are vulnerable" add Rupnik.

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