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Are you wondering why your phones often have a very short life span, even if you refuse a lot of money for them? It may not be the fault of the manufacturer, but your fault, which you probably do not even know.

With certain inadequate habits, you greatly increase the risk of premature death of your mobile phone. See what kind of habits you can avoid in the future!

What can you do yourself to maintain your life as much as possible? (photo:

1. Leave the phone on the shelf for protection from the sun

Never leave your phone where it will be exposed to sunlight. That's why you risk overheating the cell, even if it's glass.

The consequences may not be immediately apparent, but over time, this habit can significantly reduce the capacity of the battery and other components.

2. Forget about cleaning the inside of the phone

Perhaps you occasionally take the time to clean the outside of the phone, but what about the inside? They rarely remember that. Accordingly, the interior can accumulate a lot of dust and other fine particles.

If you do not have experience with this task, of course, it's wise to ask someone to help you, otherwise you can cause much more harm than good.

3. Transfer your phone in a purse without protection

Did not you buy the appropriate cover for your phone? If you do not just throw it in your purse every time, it's exposed to a lot of danger. It's high time to edit this as soon as possible.

4. Replace the original battery with cheap counterfeiting

When it comes to spare parts, savings in the purchase of forgeries are usually only obvious (photo:

You also need to be very careful when replacing the old battery with a new one. Make sure it's true for the original battery. With cheap counterfeiting, you can accumulate significant costs over the long term, as there is an increased risk of damage to your mobile phone. Similarly applies to other components and accessories, for example, a charger.

5. Keeping your mobile phone in your pants pockets

The combination of pants and trousers is undoubtedly the perfect recipe for disaster – especially when it comes to the back pants pocket.

In extreme cases, these thieves can easily get rid of the phone or cause irreparable damage. This habit can also lead to minor injuries that gradually accumulate until a serious malfunction occurs.


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