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Erjavec: Tonin is a notorious liar, he answers: The truth will be answered

Karl Erjavec, Minister of Defense, is pleased with the questioning of the former agent in the arbitration of Simona Drenik and the arbitrator Jernej Sekolac before Knovs, but claims that it is in the interest of the affair to continue. He accused Mateja Tonin of abusing the commission that he was a notorious liar and that his conduct was detrimental to the interests of Slovenia, while Toni responded that the truth would be in the final report.

The Commission for the Control of Intelligence and Security Services of the Republic of Slovenia (Knovs) spoke with the former director of the Sove Andrev Rupniki Jernej Sekolcemu Simono Drenik.Matej ToninThe president of the Parliamentary Commission for the Control of Intelligence Services said after the session that the testimony of former Sova director was not in line with Drenik's testimony.

Simona Drenik was accompanied by a lawyer in a conversation with the Commission.PHOTO: Damian Zibert

He announced that he will hold talks with the remaining former Sova directors on June 4th. On June 28, the former foreign minister will also testify before Knovs Samuel Žbogar uKarl Erjavec, and they think in the commission that they will call for a discussion Vlasto Vivod, Chief of Cabinet of the Minister Erjavec, i Tomaž Kunstlja, currently the Ambassador of the Holy See in the Vatican.

Erjavec Tonina accuses lies

Erjavec responded to events at Knovs after today's government session and, in his introductory speech, expressed the hope that "slowly stopping the lying Tonina ". He said that he was the target of four years in the charge of preparing an affair that the Croatian secret services had a particular case and that he was subjected to extortion and that he was also charged with a weekend in Croatia.

According to him, rumors have recently emerged, especially from Tonin, that he will order Drenika's talks with Sekolac. Erjavec reminded that Tonin said Sekolec admitted and complained about the mistake.

Also, Deputy President DeSUS Franc Jurša jAfter a meeting of the coalition, he said that "someone said clearly and loudly that he was lost". "This finding of this person also saved Erjavec's complaints that he ordered some cases. I believe he did not do it,said Jursha.

So, Jursha and leader of the SD deputy group Matjaž Hantoday it was assessed at the hearing "Someone wanted to have a play, but he left".

Erjavec reminded today that Drenik claimed that nobody was pressing him, because Mr. Jean Mahnič. "I always have to defend myself from lies"Erjavec said, adding that he applauded Drenika and Sekolac in April because he knew that I could not say anything that would harm him.

"I've been telling the truth all the time, and someone always misleads and from this part of the great show. I wonder how long the media will continue to seduce this,"said Erjavec.

Erjavec denounced Tonin as a notorious liar who is detrimental to the interests of Slovenia.PHOTO: Miro Majcen

He also stated that the Cabinet of the Minister was not familiar with the talks between Drenik and Sekolac, and also does not believe in what Drenik said. "I see that he does not want to end this affair, but he wants to continue the fog. Now, other colleagues are involved. Will anyone ever answer for all the lies?he asked.

Erjavec said in a statement to Tini that he expects a member who leads such an important commission "that she will no longer be abused"According to him, not"only for abuse in case of an eavesdropping affair, but it is the same as an example of an interpellation"where he is untruely charged with misusing the military intelligence service. The main goal of pressure on him, in his opinion, is a particular weakening of the government.

Asked whether he was considering measures against Tonin, the former Foreign Minister initially replied: "He's a notorious liar. That's the problem with him, "and added: "He says that I was a trader because I ordered these talks, he talked about opening the archive and showing the history that he was right. But history today shows that this is wrong and that the whole public is misled all the time. If this continues, Erjavec predicts, it will have to seek legal protection.

Tonin: Slovenia should not repeat the mistake

In a press release in which he reacted to the words of Erjavec, Tonin wrote that he could not speak about details at the time of the investigation because the content of the testimony was marked as "confidential" and would therefore be inaccurate and contrary to the law to publicly polemise publicly. That is precisely what Erjavec, both Tonina, allows the commission and Tonini to attack personally. "On the insulting objections of the Minister, the most effective response to the truth in the final report, " said Tonin.

He also noted that we have the right to know why irregularities took place in the arbitration proceedings and added: "Finding the truth about things that the Arbitral Tribunal has already established and what is the fact, we can not in any way jeopardize the interests of Slovenia, but such mistakes can be prevented in the future."

The objective of the report, prepared by Knovs, is to identify weaknesses and weaknesses in the protection of strategic interests of Slovenia, as well as to prepare recommendations for their elimination, said Tonin, adding that allegations of abuse were unreliable and condemned.

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