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November 20, 2018 at 19:08
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In the Pokivava Group of Unions, they will not disable the agreement that the government agreed on Monday with a school and two unions.

But they want to see the final text of the strike agreement first, he explained Jakob Počivavšek, Head of the Coordination of Defense Committees of the Public Sector Unions. They called on the government to meet with them again on Wednesday and present to them the final text of the agreement, which, if they understand it, is not yet completed at this time.

"First, we wanted to get as many public officials as possible the highest wage arising from an agreement or agreement to deal with the strike request as soon as possible. In the end, our coordination of strike committees was the one that always tried to comply with all civil servants – since this is mainly the result of an increase in health salaries – unlike some other unions that represent extremely narrow interests in these negotiations " said Počivassek.

In his words, they believe that in a part that has financial consequences, they can be satisfied with the results achieved in the negotiations, and the government wanted two more obligations that they missed. The former is linked to a better assessment of individual jobs, which have been negotiated with some unions by some government unions, with the same uniform increases that are foreseen for everyone.

According to Povivassek, they wanted to agree with the government to assess the impact of these exemptions on the assessment of other jobs in the public sector in the next year. If they found that, according to the same criteria and with the same justifiability for a one-time salary, the assessment of another job should be increased, then they would agree next year, he explained.

"It is not at all a question of demanding any specific escalation, but we just wanted to keep the right to negotiate on the basis of the same criteria and justifications that the government has already agreed to better evaluate certain jobs" he stressed. According to him, these jobs and titles are more than 160, out of which only four with healthcare activities, four from research, none from the state administration, but also from the payment group J.

Second, they expected the government to provide funding to increase labor costs. Based on the information they have, as well as their previous experience, they are afraid that in some parts of the public sector there will be problems with financing for the implementation of the agreed, if that does not exist.

Although these requirements remain open, they have decided not to insist on the integration of the two companies into the agreement. They have already announced that in 2019, in the event of any difficulties in financing, they will be in charge of the activities. They also intend next year to assess the impact of exemptions agreed with the government by resolving interest requirements.

On Wednesday, three unions, which agreed on Monday with government negotiators, have already initialed a strike agreement.

And what did they agree on? More below.

An agreement on the strike, which the three unions agreed on Monday with the government party, is worth approximately the same amount as agreed in March, about 306 million euros. The maximum of about 265 million is t. i. the salary rises. Although the text of the agreement is not yet available to the public, the main solutions are known.

Tax Payments:
– employees in positions up to and including the 26th pay grade acquire one grade; entered into force on January 1, 2019;
– employees in positions above the 26th grade receive two salaries; entered into force on 1 November 2019;
– employees in positions requiring a doctorate, master, specialization, acquire three grades; entered into force on 1 September 2020.

(general doctors exclude doctors, officials, directors and heads)

– Supplement for night work: increase from 30 to 40 percent (hourly rate of basic salary);
– Supplement for weekly work: an increase of 75 to 90 percent;
– holiday allowance: increase from 90 to 120 percent;
– Supplement for part-time work: an increase from 13 to 15 percent, calculated in all hours, and not just afternoon; all these amendments will enter into force on 1 September 2019.

Additional salary growth for individual jobs
– one class grade is given to a middle nurse and a graduate nurse in intensive therapy III, a graduate midwife in the postpartum intensive III, a graduate midwife in the neonatal department;
– One class of salary classes are provided by teachers who perform class work.

Career extension:
– teacher advisers and teacher advisers will have the opportunity to reach one payroll group in their careers more than so far; the same applies to employees in culture and society, where they have a comparatively regulated career progression; entered into force on 1 September 2020.

– The delay in the payment entitlements from April to December becomes permanent.

– the performance will remain frozen until 1 July 2020.

– greater employment of employees with a minimum or lower salary in 2018; The gross amount of 208 euros is payable in December.

Jubilee awards and severance pay:
– In addition to the jubilee award for 30 years, the 40th anniversary prize was introduced at the same height; execution by amendment of the collective agreement;
– retired, employees have severance pay, not two salaries; execution by amendment of a collective agreement.

Dementia work:
– the existing threshold of 23% has been deleted for the acquisition of the right to such compensation.

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