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  • According to the President of the Council of Workers in the Port, work to solve the IPS problem is the same job for the same payment
Luka Koper

At the Port of Koper they promise a series of fuses that should protect agency workers from abusive exploitation by IPS companies or port managers. Photo: BoBo

A triple solution to the IPS problem continues

November 14, 2018 at 21:43

The tender for the selection of the agency for transfer workers was announced in Luka Koper, which will be followed by 346 agency workers next year. At the same time, they also promise fuses to protect employees from abuse and violation of workers' rights by IPS companies or port managers.

The announcement of the tender is a part of the triple solution of the IPS edition, according to which a part of the workers who have worked in the Port of Koper so far through t. i. Ports directors, directly employed in Port of Koper, part of the workers will work in Port through the agencies, and the third pillar represents the delivery of the entire service in the implementation of the external contractor.

In Luka Koper 346 workers for five jobs are searched through agencies, ie supervisors, controllers, freight drivers, forklifts and freight forwarders. The tender is divided into ten lots, each agency is able to apply for three parcels. This means that at least four different agencies will attend the call.

Fuses against abuse
The tender application will require the holding of a personnel license, and the selection of the agency will be based on four criteria – in addition to the price, rating, qualification of personnel and references. According to the chairman of the board of Luka Koper Dimitrij Zadel, "in our opinion, there are significant protective measures for employees in these agencies, so that there would be no abuse or bad behavior. irregularities"The assessment of the costs or scope of the order amounts to EUR 13.6 million, and the selection of the agencies will be valid for one year, after which the procedure will be repeated. A bank guarantee for a good performance of works in the amount of EUR 50.000 and a serious bid of EUR 10,000 .

Contracts will also contain a social clause that provides for the termination of contracts with the final findings of violations of labor, environmental or social legislation or if at least two injuries are suffered by the competent authority in connection with payment for work, working hours, rest, blackmail and he was the final penalty for the offense pronounced. The leader of the working group for the preparation of the tender, Branko Vodopija, stated that Luka will keep a record of the presence of workers and send data to the agencies, which will then collect the salary and send the account to Luka.

Letter from the main port or just legalization?
President of the Council for Work Mirko Slosar said the second pillar welcomes that changes should not be at risk from current employees. "I will remind that the employees of the Agency will work under the same conditions for the same payment as the employees of Luka Koper, so that all rights will be equal, he added. In the near future, Luka Koper will announce calls for the third and third pillar of the employment model, that is, external contractors.

This is expected to conclude a twenty-year-old IPS business system, in which more than 700 workers daily work in the port through an IPS company or port. An integral part of this business model was, as we repeatedly reported to MMC, an unpredictable worker, overtime overtime, and part of the payout through accessories or even "on the hands". However, some IPS companies will most likely continue their activities in the Port of Kopa, this time in the legal form, since some IPS companies have already submitted a role that can ensure the work of the user or perform the activity of the agency for employee mediation.

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