Thursday , October 29 2020

In some parts of Slovenia snow is already # photo

In Slovenia there is snow in some places throughout Slovenia. More snow meteorologists are predicted on Monday and Tuesday.

Today, in western Slovenia, it will be partially clear and elsewhere overcrowded. Especially in Kocevje region, snow will occur occasionally. The eastern wind will break into the coastal moderate to strong pine, which will weaken during the day. The highest daily temperature will range from 1 to 5, in the Goriška and the sea to 10 degrees Celsius.



On Tuesday, snow will get stronger

Tomorrow will be partly clear on the coast, moderate winds will blow, cloudiness in other places, occasionally snow. The lowest morning temperature will be from -3 to 1, in the coastal region about 4, most daily from 0 to 3, in the coastal region to about 9 degrees.

In the night of Tuesday night, the coastal region will start to rain, and the snow will intensify in the morning. On Tuesday afternoon, precipitation will be weakened and will mostly be overnight. In the coastal region, it will strike moderate to strong winds, which will weaken in the afternoon.

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