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In the case of bleeding, antidepressants are applied

Economic uncertainty negatively affects social health.

The debate on the advantages and disadvantages of brasitis is dominated by political debates on the island for two years, during which families and communities have been able to share and provoked panic preparations of the economy on the possibility that Brussels and Brussels will fail to reach agreement on post-departure relations.

Until now the state has not paid attention to the impact of the discomfort or uncertainty caused by this process on the mental health of the British. That's why researchers from the Royal College of London worked on it, the French news agency AFP said.

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In a study pertaining to the period prior to June 23, 2016, when a referendum on breeding was held, and after the following period, monthly data on the antidepressant recipe was reviewed in all 326 constituencies in England and compared with data on the prescription of other drugs.

Poll: Uncertainty about briquette

Researchers, given the fact that the outcome of the referendum on surprise violations, which brought a significant uncertainty about the effects on the British economy and society, were interested in whether this was reflected in the greater use of antidepressants.

The study first calculated the defined daily dose of antidepressant – this is the average maintenance dose received by the patient in one day for the main or most common indication of the drug, which ensured proper comparison with other types of drugs.

13.4 percent more prescribed antidepressants

On this basis they came to the conclusion that after the referendum on grinding the volume of prescribed antidepressants compared to other prescribed drugs increased by 13.4 percent.

Although the outcome of the referendum was difficult to reconcile with the consumption of antidepressants, the fact that its increase compared to the consumption of other prescription drugs was significantly commented on by AFP lecturer at the Royal College and Professor at Harvard

Sotiris Vandoros

. He also recalled that more and more publications show that economic uncertainty can negatively affect mental health.

"Uncertainty about the service and concern about the financial future of an individual is associated with poorer health. Every event that causes uncertainty and concerns can have a negative effect"

added Vandoros.

The study also pointed out that the results should not mean that the atmosphere of the British nation as a whole deteriorated after the referendum on breKset. For example, Burning proxies may have even found that their well-being has improved significantly in weeks after the vote.

Nevertheless, Vandoros pointed out that the outcome of the referendum and the search was a shocking result of the "likely explanation" of the relative increase in the use of antidepressants.

Study authors, published in the Journal of Epidemiologi and Communiti Health, therefore noted that the government in London should do more at a time of political and economic insecurity when it comes to counseling on mental health.

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