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Stairs for Geiser, but the start took the red number


World champion Tim Geiser won third place at the French Grand Prix. He was sixth in the first run and third in the second. The beginning is not the best. Jeffrey Herlings won, Romain Febvre was second. Both overtook Geiser in the general classification.

Tim Geiser Recovery


Unbearable pain that fainted on physiotherapy

Getting started is still a big problem Tim Geiser (Honda). He also had an accident in the first run of the French GP. He was only ninth after the first round. The so-called “punch in the hole” succeeded Jeffrey Herlings (KTM), who previously led Romain Febvrom (Kawasaki). In the middle of the ride, to the great delight of the French fans, February managed an aggressive overtaking maneuver for the lead. Geiser, who also made a minor mistake, drove two seconds slower than the two fastest. Overtaking on this route is very difficult. Febvre won the first run with a minimal advantage over Herlings, Geiser finished in sixth place with a lag of 45 seconds, just behind Antonio Cairoli (KTM). “The start was not the best. Then an even smaller fall. Overtaking is very difficult on this track. But there are no excuses. I will be ready for the second run,” Geiser said after the first run.

The second run was marked by two games. Herlings and Febvre fought for first place. The Dutchman won the fight. Cairoli and Geiser for third place. And that is what the Slovenian got. The team was a good 20 seconds behind the fastest. In France, the track is faster than last week in Germany, so there is more pressure on Tim’s collarbone, which was damaged a month ago. Maybe that’s why he was a little slower this time or wondered about more pain. Apart from the fact that Herlings and Febvre know this track better, Geiser raced on it for the first time with a 450 cc engine.

In the sum of both races, Herlings won with the same points before February. Geiser won third place. Before the last six races of the season, he is now 10 points behind the new owner of the red number, Herlings. “I take those points and continue to work. The championship is very even. There are many more points and races and that is a good thing,” Geiser concluded after the match.

GP of France:

Jeffrey Herlings (KTM)
2. Romain Febvre (Kawasaki)
3. Tim Geiser (Honda)
4. Antonio Cairoli (KTM)
5. Pauls Jonnas (GasGas)

In total:

1. Jeffrey Herlings 460 points
2. Romain Febvre 454
3. Tim Geiser 450
4. Jorge Prado 398
5. Antonio Cairoli 387

Tim Geiser trains Lemberg


Great victory for Geiser! Collision of the rival on the finish jump. # video

It is in class MKS2 Jan Pancar won three points for 18th place in the first run. He won Tom Vialle, who recently signed a new four-year contract with KTM. Pancar ran in 18th place in the second run, and then resigned at the start of the eleventh lap due to a malfunction on the engine. Also in the second, Vialle was the fastest in front of the home spectators.

Young Jaka Peklaj remained in the qualifications (44th) in the European competition class EMKS 125.

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A year ago in a coma, today again next to Geiser #video



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