Tuesday , May 30 2023

The beautiful Burak banned a woman from pregnant women


Favorite Turkish player Burak Ozcivit seriously preparing for the role of father. His beautiful wife Fahriie Evcen is in the fourth month of pregnancy, the eldest (son) should come to the world next April next year.

Fahriie, according to the Turkish media, has adjusted her habits of life to pregnancy. Because of the health of a baby that carries her under her heart, she decided as little as possible to use a mobile phone. She was also joined by a man who sighs many Slovenes, and when he is close to a woman, he uses that mobile phone as little as possible. He forbade his wife to drive a car until his birth. The ride is potentially full of danger, and the stress of cats' stress on children explained his decision.

Burak is also concerned about the future of his descendants. He opened a bank account for his son and deposited about 300,000 euros. Until then, when the son rises, this could result in a real little wealth.

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