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The death trail has the final date of outcome


The main role is played by actor Norman Reedus.The main role is played by actor Norman Reedus.

The scarcely anticipated game of the legendary Japanese creator Hidea Kojima, which with each trailer becomes bizarre, finally has the official date of the outcome. Death Stranding, ekclusive for PlaiStation 4, will already be available November 8th this year, which is much faster than many predicted.

In the new almost ten-minute trailer, besides the date of the exit, we get the first concrete insight into the game itself. Now we know that the game will also include a three-point drive, next to walking, and Metal Gear Solid silence will be complemented with scout and camera calculations.

We also learned that a mysterious baby, which burdens the imagination of many social network users, has served as a kind of transition between the primary and secondary world. In the main roles of this terrifying action adventure, numerous stars will appear, such as: Norman Reedus, Mads Mikkelsen, Guillermo del Toro, Tommie Earl Jenkins, Margaret Kuallei, Lea Seidouk and Troy Baker. For more details, see the lower trailer that has reached over 1 million views on IouTube overnight:

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