Wednesday , March 22 2023

The future is stronger, but with the problem


The basketball players of the future are the only team without a win in Euroleague and have already suffered two defeats (against Red Star and Cedevita) in the first five rounds of the ABA League, which defended the title of the champions but were too strong for Petrol Olympia. That's really a problem. Aleksandra Džikić's front advantage was a good advantage (25:10) and overcame the problems it caused Roko Badim with a series of nine consecutive points to reduce the advantage of the host at 29:23.

Residents of Ljubljana who were without injury Skotie Reinolds, Mirza Begic in Blaža Mesička, lay behind the big -22 at half-time, but showed their teeth beneath. Badim stayed on the bench, but that's why Dražen Bubnić in Jan Špan hit every three triples. In the third quarter Olimpija was 30:19, five minutes before the end of the game lagged only 67:70, but in the end it was too short for the sensation.

After the match Olimpija coach Zoran Martic admitted: "The future was better on the field, especially in the first half when it was a great advantage. The other half was very accurate, we came close to three points in the back, and in the end the home team played with three consecutive points for three points that were achieved through our extended hands in the last seconds of the attack. The advantage you won then was no longer available to us. "

The future: Petrol Olimpija 85:69 (64:53, 45:23, 22:10)

Morača Hall, 2650 spectators, Radović, Hadžić and Terlević (all Croats).
The future: Jackson 11 (2: 2), Ivanovic 8 (3: 3), Su. Shehovic 6, Klark 10 (2: 4), Barovic 10 (4: 5), Clarke 7 (2: 2), Gordic 10 (2: 2), Ilic 8, Omic 11 (3: 3), Popovic 4: 2 ); Petrol Olimpija: Jones 1 (1: 4), Spanish 11, Bubnić 13, Lazić 3, Šamanić 12 (4: 4), Simonović 2 (0: 1), Lapornik 5 (2: 2), Badžim 9 (1: 1) Radulovic 8.

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