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Tonin: Illicit migrants from Algeria are dealing with drug trafficking in Slovenia


Reporter, STA
14. nov. 2018 6:00

| Actualizado: 6:45 / 14.11.2018

Due to the increased number of illegal migrations, the number of criminal offenses in the areas of administration Koper and Novomoski has not increased significantly. However, police in Ljubljana have recorded more criminal offenses of asylum seekers, commission chairman Matej Tonin said after yesterday's parliamentary commission for intelligence and security oversight.

The number of illegal migrations in 2018 has increased significantly, Tonin said in a press release. The police have already taken over 7962 people in an attempt to illegally cross the border, among which are predominantly Pakistani, Algerian and Moroccan. They do not come from countries where war will happen, so we can not talk about refugees, but they are economic, political or other migrants, he said.

About half of them were returned to the country of origin or police. in Croatia some 4,000 "were lost in the process of obtaining the status of international protection," he stressed. Because of this, police at the yesterday's commission meeting warned of the numerous abuses of asylum, as they probably continued the way to the north. At the moment when the asylum procedure takes place, namely, their movement is not limited, Tonin warned. For many migrants, each trail is lost, says Tonin.

Yesterday, the Supervisory Commission also investigated the possible increase in the number of criminal offenses related to the increased number of migrants. In the border area, the police did not detect a significant increase in the number of criminal offenses. Some of these facts are related to the fact that migrants want to cross the border in as few ways as possible, explained Tonin. However, the crime of asylum seekers in Ljubljana has slightly increased.

Several thefts and drug-related offenses are emerging, said the president of the Commission, especially the citizens of Algeria. The police also warned that illegal migration is a big deal, as police officers seized 169 organizers this year, of which 29 Slovenians and 140 foreigners.

Therefore, the police announced the strengthening of activities for greater security and / or increasing the presence of police officers in non-burdensome areas. In Ljubljana, such areas are surrounded by asylum houses, Trubar Street, the former Rog building and the Parliament of Pab and Railway Station. In the border region, however, they will seek to maximize the digitization of controls.

Commission members also touched yesterday's systemic changes, with the police backing a proposal that came from a parliamentary type in order to keep statistics of criminals in line with citizens' rights and according to its status.

Members of the commission also discussed the asylum procedure, which according to Toni's assessment presents a special risk for Slovenia. If the borders in the Balkans are permeable and Slovenia is the first asylum country, other countries have the right to return them to Slovenia.

Tonin also confirmed that the commission conducted surveillance in the Slovenian intelligence and security agency, with particular reference to the key problems of its work. In the coming weeks, police control and intelligence and security services of the Ministry of Defense are planned.

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