Thursday , September 29 2022

Who will shine like this year's Delova corporate star? (LIVE)


The ceremony in Brdo pri Kranju is a ceremonial ceremony for the award "Delov Entrepreneur Star".

That was among the speakers Ksenija Klampfer, Minister of Labor, Family, Social Policy. "As ministers, it is important to remember corporate stars How to get enough staff and well-trained staff Trained and motivated workers are key to success The ministry will endeavor to involve young people in the labor market Responding to a lack of staff is a need for continuous education and training An important station for digital skills, problem solving We are developing new models of work, our goal is to include the labor market and the quality of jobs The lack of staff needs to be addressed holistically We are convinced that by concluding bilateral dispute Zoom can contribute to the success of the enterprise. We are proud of the nomination for your work. "

Prior to the evening ceremonies, the Delove Entrepreneur Stars' Works were also held, and the Business Seminar "Posel" – a story about human capital. Seminars on the development of human potential, management of company growth, knowledge and experience among young workers, creation of productive organizational energy among employees …

Deloitte consulting and auditing company carried out research on the first steps in the labor market. In the sample – 6000 – were young people from business, law, technical faculties. Six thousand young people were placed, including Croatia. Young talents from Croatia have pointed out to build friendship in the workplace. The research is pan-European.

Barbara Žibret Kralj, director and partner of Deloitte: "Twenty percent of young people expect to get a job in a month, but at the same time they think that the faculty did not prepare them well in the labor market. Young people are not ready for a lot of work, stress, to fight within the organization. "

Times on the labor market, including entry, have changed significantly. If young people were offered to work for free trainees for 2010, they now come with abnormal, even excessive expectations. The study showed that EUR 1,315 is net expected earnings, and if they do not expect their expectations, they often leave. "Young people are returning from abroad, enriched by experience, often with more realistic expectations, and often returning when a family is created." At that time, Slovenia and its social system became very attractive, "said Barbara Žibret Kralj.

Star of the Entrepreneur Star at Brdo pri Kranju. PHOTO: Voranc Vogel / Delo

Entrepreneurial stars are faced with two types of problems, one is financing, one is money management, and problems are solved when sales and profits are growing rapidly, said Luka Podlogar, president of the management board of KD Skladov.

He announced the opening of the KD Capital Growth Fund, which will invest capital in small and medium enterprises and medium-sized companies (up to 3,000 employees). They are interested in companies from the manufacturing industry, technology companies and healthcare companies. The estimated investment period is from three to five years. We want to invest in companies that need growth and development capital, proven by products and the market, opening up new markets, expanding the business, downloading competitors, Podlogar.

How to manage the growth phase? "When we invest in new products, we invest in an urgent need, such as machines, technology, raw materials. At the same time, in people who work this growth, growth is primarily the growth of teams and individuals," advised Lojze Bertoncelj and CorpoHuba. If the team is reliable, he gets money and support. There are hundreds of people working for Barcelona footballers, he illustrated.

It is an important mentality, he stressed. Many young basketball players have gone through the same processes and with the same tools as Luka Doncic – but the mentality is separate from others.

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