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Win for Kualcomm and users, peace for Apple and defeat for Intel – Techno Star

Matjaž Ropret

April 17, 2019 at 11:27

Last night
it was pretty unexpected and exciting to end the saga of a lawsuit between Apple
and Kualcomm. First, these two tech giants announced in the middle of the trial
settlement, termination of all court disputes and contracts for the next six years, with
renewal for another two years. Then Intel surprised us by pulling out of the field
5G mobile modems. The key question is, of course, what was before,
Whether the settlement was inevitable due to Intel or gave it up.

between Applom and Kualcom, he drove a long time, shortly after Steve's death
Job's first husband from Apple Corporation, Tim Cook, canceled the contract with him
its predecessor concluded the main suppliers of chips. Then they started in Kualcom
Apple accuses them of not paying the right prices (for patents) and even stealing
their intellectual property. The iPhone and iPad manufacturer hoped to appear
Intel has received a sufficiently good replacement supplier for LTE modems and v
the future of 5G in these devices. After all, Intel took over the job several years ago
German Infineon, who deals with this. But there are already existing iFones with
Intel's modems slowly transmit data like those with Kualcom's, to
and the development of 5G connectivity, obviously there were even more problems.

Probably Apple knew it well, because of the closed door while it was
trial, negotiating with Kualcom. When they were sensationalizing the corporation
Alignment – this includes Apple's (probably billionth) payment to Kualcomm –
but after a few hours Intel announced that it is announcing 5G mobile modems
the device will not develop at all, but will focus on those for notebooks,
data centers and Internet stuff. It seemed that it was not clear about telephone modems
the way to profitability. Or translated – it was clear to him that he could not compile
competitive product. When the last little hope of hope disappeared, the chief
the client remains, it was the end of dreams that the iPhone could behave
Intel Inside. Everywhere else, the doors were anyway
Retained, because apart from Apple, most other manufacturers use systems
chip, where everything is in the main circle and graphics integrated into one circle
modem processor, vi-fi connectivity and more. This product is Intel
It has been disappearing for years (and even for those who were bad before), key producers
(Kualcomm for Snapdragone, Huavei for Kirine, Samsung for Ekinose and Processor Media
Helio) use other solutions if they do not have their own.

For Apple, despite high costs, which, however, do not pose any problem for a company with huge financial stocks, such a malfunction is still useful. The deal will take place normally, the end will be a ban on the sale of its phones in different countries, and the iPhone 5G for the next year is on the agenda. This does not mean that the corporation has ceased to develop its own modem, which would integrate it into the A series chips, but at least for several years, depends on external suppliers in this respect. The big winner is, however, Kualcomm, who will receive his dollars and continue to dominate in this area. Even for users, the resort is good because it means phones and tablets with the best components available on the market. Inferior modems went to the iPhone and iPad just because of the big ego leaders who just managed to reach an agreement. For Intel, this is another in a series of defeats in the mobile area, where their features are not used even when potential buyers literally brought them to the tray.

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