Friday , August 12 2022

Zajc confirmed the status of elite aviator


The best Slovenian jumper in the qualifications for the Vikersund match was Timi Zajc in the fourth place.

The ski jumps qualified for the weekly individual match at the Vikersund Airport. On Saturday, teams will be measured in Norway.

Qualifications were won by the best jumper of the season Rioiu Kobaiashi (232 m / 213.6), which is two meters longer than the second highest Stefana Krafta (230 m / 210.7). He scored the third result Markus Eisenbichler (221 m / 197.5), and the fourth is the best Slovenian Timi Zajc (219.5 m / 195.6).

Zajc already had a good form at training, even better than he was Domen Prevc, who was not so convincing in the qualifications, but with the 15th place and the other best eagle, easily scored a match for the match.

Domen Prevc | Author: Epa


And he did enough qualifications Peter Prevc in 17th place, and got a ticket Anze Semenič, who was 26 ..

Jernej Damjan was short on 42nd with 1.7 points behind his last contest Ievgeny Klimov. He also survived qualifications Anže Lanišek in 44th place.

Peter Prevc 204 m / 177.2
Jernej Damjan 188 m / 151.3
Anže Lanišek 185 m / 150.8
Domen Prevc 206 m / 179.8
Anze Semenich 198 m
Timi Zajc 219m / 195.6

Before the qualification, there were two sets of training on the list. Most were expecting a flight of young Pretz (228.5 m / 233.5 m), with which he recorded the second distance of the series. He was doing welland Zajc (220.5 m / 227.5 m), which finished in fifth place. Peter Prevc (213.5 m / 208 m) was the best Slovenian flyer on the 10th and 23rd places.

You can see the results of the qualifications HERE.

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