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Crushing old age and housewife in drama


Sam Lars Noren sends the first part of his favorite step on aging, while Sophia Jupiter sets the "Hamlet". But the Spring of Drama in Stockholm also contains a feminist new circus and an American housewife in a double edition.

Helen Sjoholm and Vanna Rosenberg play American housekeepers in "Hugh and Nancy's Man's Vorlds" in Drama this spring.the painting: Stina Strikervist / TT

Vanna Rosenberg and Helen Sjholm play Nancy, an unhappy American housewife of the 1970s, whose man, a living physicist, is completely rampant in his family. One Nancy suddenly comes out of the cleaning and saves her life on the other side.

"Both are very lonely and they help and support each other," says Lars Rudolfsson, dramatist and director of drama music, as well as in many worlds of Hugh and Nancy, the theory of quantum physics about a parallel universe materializes on the theater scene.

Lars Noren also directs his premiere, "Andante", which plays in the retirement home and deals with people who have come to the "last room" where they are trying to justify their lives in different ways.

A piece that, according to Lars Noren, begins realistically, but ends up as a nightmare.

"The game in the Nordic Home for Service among the many united people who did not choose. Volunteers, lovers of life and convoys remain, although they are so close to the end, still striving for the old hierarchies in society," Noren said in a film interview on a press conference on the spring repertoire.

At least as an existential will be agreed the Sofia Jupiter Shakespeare's "Hamlet", which has not been shot in Drama for ten years and has never been director of women before. The lead was made by Adam Lundgren, while Sofia Jupiter chose her Hamlet when she saw his latest production at Theater College a few years ago.

Hamlet sees him as the ultimate guide when it comes to the question of existential issues.

– When you decide to live, how would you live? That's the same question. Who I am? How to be? We do this all the time, "says Sofia Jupiter.

Drama director Eirik Stubr describes the spring repertoire as "wide and fine" short and good. In the last two years the theater has passed the steel bath in the form of cuts and high production rates. At the same time, a large number of administrative officials resigned. According to Erik Stub, temporary workers are working in the expectation of recruiting in progress.

"We have a lot of people in the first half of the occupancy rate of 86 percent. It is natural that when applying such big changes we had to make it frustrating, especially in a fairly conservative workplace where you have been working the same way for many years.

He also thinks that the theater seriously understood and uncovered sexual injuries in the theater.

"Since November last year, this has happened a lot, we had conversations, education and criticism." Anyone who has some sort of managerial profession passed training. In January, we took an additional resource, a woman who is still working on this.


Spring in the drama

Since April, the Dramaten building has been closed for planned renovations, and is expected to be completed by December. In the meantime, performances are played on the other scene, including Scenkonsthuset, but also in a 500 square meter apartment in Hotorget.

Here is the spring of the spring premiere:

• "Keep the spirit" of British contemporary drama director Zinnie Harris, directed by Lene Endre, the prime minister on January 19.

• "Orpheus rises" by Tennessee Villiams, directed by Runar Hodne, premiered on January 25th.

• "Hamlet" by William Shakespeare, directed by Sofia Jupiter, premiered on February 9th.

• "Andante" Lars Noren, who also leads. Premiere of February 23rd.

• "Hugh and Nancy's Man's Vorlds" by Lars Rudolfsson who also leads. At the beginning of March 2.

• "The Year of the Unfortunate Ribs" Gunile Thorgren, in co-operation with Circus Cirk, is on March 21st.

• "Replacement" by Selma Lagerloff, in dramatization by Sara Bergmark Elfgren, premiered on April 6 in Ioung Drama.

• "Line Lust" by Tennessee Villiams, Prime Minister on March 29th.

• "I am the Europe" of the German playwright Richter who also directs this European collaboration with eight young actors and dancers.

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