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Daddy Dante thanked him not on the money


The Swish collection began to fund the chartering of a helicopter, which could assist in a major search for effort after Dante, 12.

The money went in, but there was never a helicopter.

The police issued a flight ban, and Dante was found on Friday afternoon. But the boy was no longer alive.

The Facebook group's hope is that the money raised will continue to benefit, and on Monday more than half the amount, slightly more than 120,000 people, is brought to the missing people.

The search for Dante is the largest in the history of the organization, and thousands of volunteers joined the barely three days.

The search for Dante is the greatest in the history of the missing people.
Christer Bartholdsson, a local police officer in Falkenberg, had difficulty keeping his tears when he announced the death penalty.

The remaining part of the money raised, the remaining half, will be donated to Dante's family. But it will not be.

Dante's father, Sven, definitely chose to refuse not.

"So much love"

In a sms conversation with one of the administrators of the Facebook group, posted in a post on the group's page, he writes:

"Thank you for the nice gesture, but I feel that it will make the most of the money from the missing people."

Dante's bonus mother, Marie, says:

"We are so excited, but they never got money on the map. Sven wants everything to go to the missing people, hoping that they can help save the lives of someone else.

She also wants to thank everyone who helped to look for Dante, and for all the love they met and still meet.

"Sometimes it's possible to wonder where humanity is moving, but as if Dante put everything back on track, so much love and so much help we got, with high and low. Nice words, food neighbors, the cleaning company that's here … it's absolutely incredible, says Marie, and continues:

"Usually you say that kids with Dovns have extra love chromosomes, and that Dante shared it with her across the country.

"Ever thankful"

On Sunday, Sven wrote on his Facebook page:

"I broke that I never returned to hell […] What I would like now is that everyone helps me to remember my dear love, Dante. I can not describe my gratitude to all who helped, although I could not show it. "

"Sven wants to thank and cuddle to everyone who helped in different ways in this terrible situation, but he can not, and does not understand it at the moment, but we want everyone to know how grateful we are," says Marie.

On Father's Day, Dante's father Sven told her about the sadness and lack of her son in a post on Facebook.
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In the Stortorghe in Falkenberg, the sea of ​​light and flowers grew, the day Dante was found dead.

Magnus Idebro, President of Missing Persons, comments on the gift:

– I do not know what to say … It's a lot. We can only humbly thank. This money will go to our business and allow us to continue the efforts of this kind. In the long run, they can save lives, he says.

Stop the money

The big bug collapsed inside the Facebook group that took the initiative for the collection.

The woman who had the money in her account was brought in for fraud – and in return she carried out a police report on retaliation and illegal threats.

But the money has to be fixed now, and Marie and Sven are hoping and want to focus on the gesture, not on the conflict.

"Everything is completely solved and we, as I said, have always been grateful," says Marie.

GT was in contact with Dante's family, who approved the publication of this article.

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