Tuesday , May 30 2023

Less antibiotics in Vastmanland


The use of antibiotics has been reduced in Vastmanland and is now below the passage of 300 passes per 1000 inhabitants and years, on the way to the target of 250.

"It's a pleasure, but there are still a lot of things. In Europe alone, about 33,000 people are dying of antibiotic-resistant bacteria each year," says Lars Blad, deputy doctors for infections in the Vastmanland region, in a press release due to an antibiotic week of 12 until 18 November.

In recent years, more and more bacteria have become resistant. The antibiotic simply does not bite as before.

"The worst scenario is the future in which it becomes difficult or impossible to perform certain operations because there are no functional antibiotics, or where small cuts can be fatal." We are not there yet, so it is important that we continue to work for controlled use.

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