Tuesday , September 27 2022

Malmo FF-Sarpsborg – Simon Banks crown


Malmö. Swedish masters are just a Swedish champion for several days.

Then is the European team Malmo FF?

They made a step in the wrong direction, it's a little colder in Malmo.

Spotted in Genk, protested against Besiktas, it compressed the plastic in Sarpsborg. Those who want to summarize the European Parliament Malmo FF needed a broad angle.

There were no templates, we did not see any lines. They were pale one day, the world leader next, frozen and thirsty third.

That's why we were here, so we went to the stadium.

We would like to know: what is Uwe Rosler crazy together? What is the MFF for the pile in fact? Who in the world can you believe?

The autumn entered the land-based dramatic horror movie fog, the time of the weather map is the vessel in a different place, not against me. Sarpsborg is not supposed to meet in the sun, it's heard on the name.

Amazing, resource intensive and "extreme Norwegian" gamble, Geir Bakke's gang, led several thousand fans south to fight for Scandinavia, and this time it would not be a reprint from the latter. No artificial crest, no desert, no surprise.

No apologies.

It's not taking Tiki

Maybe you know how it's when you play tennis at amateur level? When a little worse player acts on the balance and puts the balls and a slightly better player tries to speed the ball? If a good player is good, he will win, if not, it will be separated sooner or later, fooled by his own ambitions.

You have Malmo FF-Sarpsborg here. The Norwegians showed all their weapons in four to five minutes at the beginning. They broke Anders Kristian with a high aggressive punch and came to an end, sent a direct ball for fast Rashad Muhammed, sending the entire team, their relatives and their relatives, around Patrick McDinnerson in the MFF penalty area to fight in the left ice Joachim Thomassens monster case .

It's not taking Tiki. But it's football.

And it was up to the Swedish champions (just a few days to) to push the ball, go to the Norwegians and take care of the match.

MFF tried. Soren Rieks and Arnor Traustason pushed Sarpsborg's edge, Behrang Safari worked more than the back and came to posts – and that was good. They arrived, they pressed, but they did not break the barriers. Because the game has succeeded, it became the only MFF that really worked. They did not play next to Sarpsborg's rather stationary first line, they decided not to put balls in the middle to differentiate the game, and when they arrived, they won too little duels. It seems that Markus Rosenberg is likely to be compensated for a corner by the sun, in time but he can not end up in the reach of the match.

The MFF had a flu sword, a crowd in the background, but it was always something that was taken. Little courage, little speed, little variation, or – if we are honest – little quality.

To some extent, it is safe to explain with a lawn that is not very suitable for a quick game after the field, but also something similar to the Malmo FF 2018 did not become a team that only passes and a real match when they meet with a team such as Sarpsborg, who is not Trying with one detail.

Not a waffle with a sour cream

Disarmed Besiktas offered them on the surface – and the MFF was driving over them.

Sarpsborg did not even offer waffles with a paddle.

We used to make Malmo miserable for stadium evenings like this, there was some feeling that we could spend the other half doing this this time. If they just went on, if they just got a little warmer, if only they …

… if they just did not start crossing the long balls with Sarpsborg.

Now it's exactly what it was, and it was not logical for the Danish Morton Mortensen to end up 0-1 to the finish.

In front of the match, the MFF broke up against the play-off, and for half an hour the others looked straight into the void. Besiktas made 1-0 in Genk, MFF was under, but before the end of the evening they had a chance. The patented Vindheem ball (diagonally in the penalty area, from Bachirou to Eric Larsson this time) allowed Mark Antonson to send a confirmation, and when Sander Berge gave a certificate to Genk, the stadium's audience could delay their anxiety for several weeks.

They may not be what they want to be true, but they are not counted.

The Swedish champion ends Sunday. Europe remains open for some time. The Malmo FF needs to take its place.

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