Monday , March 27 2023

More reminders will reduce the kiss of the pack – News


More agents, more delivery and extended working hours are the methods of logistics companies to curb chaos in online shopping for Christmas.

Week after the so-called. Black Friday, November 23rd, is now considered the worst.

We're talking about black Friday and waiting for packages to arrive by Christmas. We hope for the best and believe in the worst, says Teresa Salonen at Stora Coop in Umeå.

More notifications

The store will be strengthened with an additional number of staff and receive more deliveries per day than usual for handling packet flow. But the shelves are expected to be crowded.

It will be a bit difficult if you do not download packages as soon as possible, "says Teresa Salonen.

Several package distributors are committed to increasing frequency notifications to those who have not downloaded their packages.

From mid-November to Christmas, we will often send announcements. We want consumers to pick up their packages as soon as possible after the announcement, "said Jonas Lindell, Press Director at DHL.

Related agents

Preparation with the number of deliveries and identification are additional factors facilitating agents.

Perhaps you might want the customer, if possible, to visit his representative at a time when there are usually people in the shop, that is, during the day, says Jonas Lindell.

Consumers may also be willing to download their packages from the nearest agents, other than their regular ones.

If it happens that in some days it becomes quite complete with a representative, we have routines for streaming packages to other nearby agents who can receive packages, "says Jonas Lindell.

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